EMERALD..The Divine Love (17)

the boy is look alike Mark. .he has a long hair and beared..his eyes are light blue. .I didn’t get water to wake him up..I shook him by shoulder. ..he didn’t open his eyes..I shook his face…accidentally my wedding ring hit his eye…oh no did I hurt him??? just then the boy opened his eyes..he was frightened. .

“who.. who r u??” he asked in a scared voice

“emerald. .” I said and made him sit…”don’t worry I am here to help you” I said again

“r u the same emerald who has Devine powers? ” he asked

I nodded a yes..

“go from here emerald. ..Dormourt will harm u”

“who is Dormourt? ”

“prince of darkness. .he took my place in Windsor family by kidnapping me” the boy said

“what’s ur name? ?” I asked


“Miranda and Matilda’s brother, Laurence Windsor’s son???” I asked in curiosity

“yeah…how u know them??” he asked

“your cousin Rose is my friend”

“oh…how is my family emerald? ?? ” he asked with teary eyed

“everyone is fine…” I pated his shoulder

“what exactly happened Mark. .I want to know everything” I said

“but emerald it is not safe here.. he wil come in any minute. ..”

“come we will go from here” I grabbed his hands

“wait emerald. ..I want to show u something”

he show me a sword..which is buried in wall but we still can see it from outside

“this sword has so many powers…every day Dormourt came to took it from here..but he couldn’t. ..I heared his mother saying to him that this is a powerful sword…take a chance emerald”

I nodded at him and touched the surface…the wall is made up of bricks. .how can I break it??? I looked for something. ..but I didn’t get anything. .

“is this a wedding ring?” Mark asked

I nodded while blushing

“I am wife of Ryan” I said and smiled at him

“what???? u r my Ryan’s wife????” his eyes r widened


he gave me a broad smile and hugged me..I hugged him happily. .ohh I really missing Jeremy. ..he broke the hug

“u r my Ryan’s wife…u r my ryan’s wife” he blabbered and jumped in happiness. ..


“oh I am sorry. ..how is he?”

“perfect” I smiled

“emerald. ..look a light is coming from ur ring”

“yep…I think it is special”

“then broke the wall with ur ring” he said

I rubbed my ring in wall..the upper part scattered. ..I grabbed the sword. .

“yaaay” we both hugged each other in happiness. ..

“come let’s go Mark” I and Mark went to the exit (also entrance) door

I texted to rose

is mark there?-me

yeah he is with uncle Laurence in study room-rose

come to his room-me


after two min I got a text from rose

where r u emma-rose

I am here behind the wall…u just put down the giant photo frame from the wall-me


I opened the door..rose looked at me and Mark surprised..her mouth was opened and eyes r widened

“close ur mouth rosy” I said while laughing

“OMG..there is a chamber…how did u know that Emma? ” she asked

“I will tell u…first we have to get out off from here” I grabbed both Mark and rose’s hands

we went the forest behind the palace. ..

“Emma. ..who is he?” she asked

I turned. ..

“rose.. this is Mark. .ur cousin. …Mark this is rose” I introduced both them to each other

“rosy..” mark rushed to her and hugged her tight

“Mark. ..bro…”she Hugged him back

I looked at them and smiled. ..I remember how I and jere used to hug each other

“hey…we gotta go buddies. ..he will come…rosy..u know the way to main road?” I asked

“oops sorry Emma. ..yep I know. .come with me” she lead us to a hut..we entered the hut..she opened a door which lead to under the earth…

we reached main road..I called to jere and said him to come to pick us…he came..I told him not to ask anything until we reach his home..he agreed. ..


precape: revealing Ryan and grandpa’s secret

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