EMERALD..The Divine Love (16)

chapter 16

I followed the giant. ..the chamber was dark.I couldn’t see anything. suddenly a tiny light appeared. ..I looked everywhere, then I noticed my ring finger..the light is coming from my wedding ring. I stepped forward. .I heared someone’s screaming. I ran towards the voice..the giant is beating a boy.a hide behind a pillar. .boys face wasn’t showing…

“don’t dare to escape from here MARK” the giant shouted at the boy..mark??? why the giant is calling this boy mark???

giant hit the boy with a rode..the boy fell unconscious. .then the giant sat on a chair..its like a king’s chair…slowly slowly his red eyes turned to hazel, his hair shorten, his skin turned to white. ..he become Mark again…he got up from the chair and went to the dark..I heard him shuting the door. ..

I ran to the boy..I looked for some water to wake him up..but I couldn’t find water there…I made turn the boy’s body. ..I was shocked to see his face!!!!!!!!!


sorry for short update coz I wanna give u some more shocks 😀 😀 😀

who will be the boy???? guess and comment

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Credit to: Ruby


  1. Jay

    IT is real mark
    That mark is some devil who is ready to take control by modest the emmerld i think so
    Ryan and emmerld have some devinie power which help to defect that devil
    This known by both grand parents of emyan

  2. Awsome episode continue (“bd-mehabeer getting married again,they r staying malhotra’s mantion their kid ishan, akshat&shasha getting marrage shasha take her revenge on akshat, then show the mehabeer romance abeerishan bonding”) this is the precap plz ruby post karo next parts we r waiting for long time plz plz

  3. Hi “[email protected]

  4. Roma

    Awesome episode ruby my dearrr, short but shocking…I think the boy is Mark n this giant kidnapped him n stole his identity to fulfill his needs…very interesting story. ..all your stories are very unique and awesome. .eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and very tight hug. muaaaaahhhhhh, take care sweetie

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.