EMERALD..The Divine Love (15)


Emerald’s pov

RYAN…..I screamed without opening my eyes. ..someone hugged me and patted my back…I slowly opened my eyes..I found myself sitting in my bed..grandpa was the person who hugged me..I hugged him back and cried. .

“Ryan. …jere…” I told between my cry.

“shhh…Emma. ..it was a nightmare. ..Ryan and Jeremy ia safe” grandpa said..

I cried in his arm and went asleep. .


sun rays are disturbed my sleep..I sat on my bed..I remember last night. ..my nightmare and grandpa’s console…I went to take a hot bath…

I wore a navy blue full sleeve t-shirt and white denim..I was drying my hair with towel..someone knocked on my door..I know it is john for calling me breakfast. .

“yeah john coming” I said and went to open my door. .I unlocked the door and opened it…

“r u ok princess? ” john asked

“yeah I am okey” I said with a smile

“okey then come for breakfast” he said

I nodded. .I closed the door and stood in front of the mirror. …suddenly something passed on my mind…MY DOOR WAS LOCKED LAST NIGHT !!!!!! but when I screames in my dream grandpa was in my room. ..how can he be hear without unlocking my room???? OMG…grandpa came to my room without opening door???? no np it must be a dream. ..

I went to downstairs. .I greeted grandpa. sat on my chair…after having breakfast. ..I decided to talk to grandpa. .


“yes child”

“thnx for consoling me previous night”

“its my duty child”

so it wasn’t my dream..he was there last night. .one more mystery. ..

“grandpa tell me something about u” I said

“there is nothing to tell my child” he smiled at me

“grandpa what was granny’s name?” I asked..grandpa looked at john who was standing beside him..

“Diana” John said..listening this I excused myself from them.

“Diana” I repeated..my mum..her name is also Diana. .she left me when I was 10 year ols.she wasn’t from a royal family.her first priority was money..that’s why she married to my dad…after few years she realized that she can’t live with us coz of our rules and traditions…she eloped with her boyfriend. .I don’t wanted to remember all this. .


I am sure grandpa is not a human.if he is a human then with some powers…I started to talking my self..oh no I forgot…today is Sunday. ..

I went downstairs and told grandpa I am going..John dropped me in church. .I met with rose and her mum.they invited me to their palace…


rose was too happy. .I met with Mark’s elder sisters Matilda ans Miranda. .unlike mark they are sweet..I get to know about everyone’s childhood. ..Matilda too mentioned about Mark’s changes behavior. .but she said that their father pampers him a lot.

when I and rose were alone I told about Mark. .she was dumbstruck. .

“what…Mark tried to molest u???”

“yep rosy..that’s why now I am living in grandpa’s home” I said

she hugged me tight…Ryan will protect u she said..I decided to tell her about my plan.


“yeah Emma”

“can u help me?”

“help u in what Emma? ”

“I am confused between little Mark and this angry young mark”

“so?” she was confused

“so I am spying in his room..can u help me??”

rose thought for few minutes. .then nodded her head..she told everyone that I am going then she take me to garden and we walked to the back of the palace..for our luck Mark’s room was in downstairs. .we stood in front of Mark’s room’s windows. .rose opened the window and said..

“Emma…go inside and hide anywhere..I will give u a call when mark come home. be prepared. .don’t make noise” she hugged me I hugged her back.

“okey rosy m.pray for me”

I went inside his room..it was a giant one..well furnished. .I hide under the coat..after 15 minutes of waiting I got a msg from rose.

‘he is coming to his room’

Mark come to room and locked the door. .he sat on the chair and put his legs on the table…he took a deep breathe..his eyea was closed..I can see some changes in him..his hair started grow..his white skin turned to black..he stood on his legs..his body started to grow. .he became giant. .the same giant which I saw in my dream…I stopped breathing for some time..the giant took a picture of him/mark from the wall..OMG !!! there is a door. .he went inside..I followed him..it was all dark there!!!


is it long one??? I am getting less comments..is my story that much bad???? 🙁

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  1. Hey no dr its not boring… why u r feeling like that its very intresting

  2. it’s becoming interesting day by day….. continue…

    1. thnx sonia

  3. richa (titli)

    cooll dr arreydont go for no of commentzz sweety 🙂 ppl hav xamsss kkkkkkkksooo wait a while kkk and manyy silent readers to ur superbb story ok keep going superbb workk 🙂

    1. thnx for making me happy dr

  4. no… not at all… its really awesome…

  5. So, mark is nt a human nw?

    1. u will get to know in next chapter

  6. It’s amazing plz continue

  7. Ruby it is getting more and more interesting. And a big thanx for fast updates… So many questions to be unfolded.. Update soon… Love you dear…

    1. thnx Anu dr

  8. Nice epid keepgoing plz ruby badmeejdil post karo yaar dont leave us middle plz

    1. can u please continue BD for me Rishi??? I don’t have any idea how to continue it…

  9. Superb ruby and not boring dear.

  10. Yaa my dear thankqu “mehabeer getting married again, they r live malhotra mantion with ishan happyly, akshat&shasha get married shasha take her revange on akshat ” this is the story plz continue yaar show mehabeers romance, abeer ishan gudrelation

  11. It was nice. Waiting for next update . Keep writing di . Take care 🙂 🙂

  12. Awesome episode ruby dearrryyyy, the story is very interesting and getting more exciting with each episode…wowww…mark is not human…shocking. ..I’m so worried for emma…she went behind him in the hidden room…hope she is safe…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads, your other story is very interesting as usual. ..I’m very blessed to have friends like you who have amazing talent…love you for sharing your stories with us…

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