EMERALD..The Divine Love (14)


Emerald’s pov

I talked with jere in Skye. .jere talked with Ryan about his childhood. .whatever jere said about Ryan’s childhood everything was amazing. ..Ryan studied in Windsor Academy!!! the most shocking news was Ryan and Mark were best friends when they were in school! !!!!!! Mark was a shy boy exact opposite of this young Mark! !!!!!!

after Mark’s 15th birthday he started behave weird. he started teasing girls. .Ryan tried to stop him..the more Ryan tried the more Mark hated Ryan. .Mark played with girls emotions..he started dating girls..

oh no I thought Ryan’s case is complicated…more complicated is Mark..so I decided to find out the change in Mark before finding Ryan’s real identity. ..

I know where Windsor’s palace is.Mark is Rose’s paternal cousin,rose’s father Edward’s brother Laurence’s son .so she can help me to enter the Windsor palace.

I prayed for half hour.then made a plan..tomorrow is Sunday. .I will make excuse to go church and will meet rose.


john came to call me for dinner. .he made some veg for me..grandpa only eats fruits. .I never seen him eating other foods.

“grandpa, what’s ur real name?” I asked suddenly

“Aaron” grandpa told without looking at me

“is it a Angel’s name?” I asked in excitement

“yeah..how u know?” he asked

“I heard from priest” after a while. ..”grandpa I want to go church tomorrow” I said

“okey..john will accompany u” he said in a serious tune

“I want to spend some time with Rose”

“okey…once u finished ur work call me I will send john to pick u up” grandpa said..

“u are so sweet grandpa. .I love you”

“I know” he said with a cute smile..

after having dinner I went to my room…I called to Ryan. .we talked a lot and I fell asleep…


I was with Ryan and Jeremy. .someone hited Jeremy with a road..he fell on floor..I looked at the man..his eyes were red and he was all in black…the giant turned Ryan and about to stab him I pushed Ryan. .giant’s sword made a mark in my hand…blood started flowing. ..Ryan shouted….


I will unfold all mysterious in upcoming chapters…stay tuned buddies. ..love u all

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  1. Hey di, I couldn’t get the last para……I mean….was it a dream or reality , I couldn’t get that. Plzzzz post next part soon.

    1. I sent them next chapter

  2. Nice episode ruby.

  3. Wowew mistarious

    1. where were u dr???

  4. Its getting more interesting… So many mystery behind… Update soon Ruby… Love you and take care…

    1. already sent them chapter 15

  5. i think last para is dream…

    1. u will get to know in next chap

  6. Hey…..enna vishesham… Innathe episode was good….last para was little bit confusing…hmmm….I also think she is dreaming…..but its getting interesting…. Update sooon…..tc

    1. nalla vishesham dr…kandu pidichu le 🙂 😀

  7. Awesome episode, interesting story. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you Loads. ……

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