EMERALD..The Divine Love (13)

emerald’s pov

I was confused. .is Ryan really a prince??? is he aware of his identity? ??? jeez I don’t know what’s happening in my life..granny always told everything happens for a reason. ..now I am finding that reason..I decided to seek help from Jeremy.

I dialed jere’s number..

“yep Emma”

“where are you?”

“tennis court with Ryan”

“I want to talk to you”

“go ahead”

“not now jere..when u are alone”

“what happened Emma? ?? r u ok?”

“yeah..its actually something about Ryan”


‘hey dude. .who are u talking to?’ I heared Ryan’s voice

“its Emma…she is asking about a Ryan.you know him”…thank god jere covered it with a lie

“who that jerk Ryan” Ryan was giggling. .I know he is making me angry. I told jere to give phone to ryna.

“don’t talk bad about my husband mister” I told with a smile.

“so that jerk is ur husband. .why did u marry him when I am here miss…ooops sorry mrs.emerald” Ryan asked and started laughing. .

I laughed and said “coz my Ryan is sweet”

“oh…don’t eat him” ๐Ÿ˜€

“Ryan…I miss u”

there was a silent for one minute..

“Em. ..I can’t stay here without u”

“I know Ryan. ..I promise I will be there in few days”

“no Em. .I will come there..I only want u..I don’t want anything else”

“Ryan. ..listen…don’t give up on ur dreams”

“my dream is living with u Em”

I was speechless..teares rolled down…I know how much he loves me..

“okey as u wish…I said and hung up..I cried. ..I was missing him badly. .


sorry for the short update

Credit to: Your Name


  1. Ananya

    Ruby dear it was so cute talk between our hero heroine… So beautiful update and yes it was short.. But I can understand u may be busy. So no complaints.. In fact u r nowadays updating daily. So its OK if u give a small update a day..
    Update long when u get time dear… Love you…

  2. Roma

    Awesome episode ruby, short but sweeeeeet. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.