EMERALD..The Divine Love (12)


Ryan’s pov



“what are u doing? ”

“packing ur stuff”

oh my god I don’t want to go and this girl is packing my stuff..no no Em.I said in my mind

“Ryan. .u have to go else how can we get notes? ”

oh she read my mind..

“jere is there” (Em please stop me from going)

“not gonna happen Ryan” she smiled at me

this girl is acting like typical wives.

“idiot” she turned. .I know she is upset as I am..I hugged her from back and rested my chin on her shoulder. .she put her hand on mine.we stayed like that for sometime.a hot tear drop fell on my hand. I made her face me.she was sobbing. I cupped her face.

“Em” she didn’t looked at me

“look at me” she looked straight to my eyes, her emerald eyes were filled with tears.I hugged her tight, she hugged me back.

“Em I love you”

“love u too Ryan” she said in between her tears..my shirt wet because of her tears but I liked that.I kissed on her head.I don’t want to stay away from her even for one minute.

we broke our hug.

“Ryan I will come after few days”

“no Em we can’t trust in Mar. ..” she cut me off

“I don’t care Ryan. I want to be with u that’s all”

“grandpa won’t agree”

“I will make him agree”

I nodded. .as I leaned to kiss her someone knocked the door.

“WHO” I was angry

“your car is ready sir” its john

I opened door and gave him my bag.

“I will be there in five minutes. u don’t have to come again. GOT IT?”

“Yes sir” he went from there.

my lips attached to Em’s just then my phone rang.I got furious. .Em started laughing. .beautiful Em..I forget about my phone. I came towards Em she started go back..I hold her by waist and grabbed to me.we shared a kiss…


Emerald’s pov

“take care Em” Ryan told and waved a by..grandpa came to me and gave me a side hug.I smiled at him.

I went to my room. called to my cousin Kenna.

“hey ken”

“its jade, Emma”

“hey how r u superman?”

“fine..I missed u so much”

“me too” I am missing my family so much.

“hey u moron give my phone” I heard kenna saying this to jade..they both always fights with each other.I always enjoy their little fights and my aunt Alice’s shouting. .aunt Alice loves me like her own child after my mum left us.I, dad, granny, uncle Jordan, aunt Alice and their two naughty children jade and kenna we all stayed in our palace. kenna is two year younger than me and jade 5 year..

“yeah Emma say” I came to real world when I heard Kenna’s voice. .

“I need to talk to granny on Skype” I finished

“Emma granny is angry on u” kenna said

“I know kenna, she will be ok after see me”

kenna went to granny with her lap top.

“hai granny”

“don’t talk to me Emma”

“I am sorry granny. .please forgive me”

“okey for the last time” she always use this word 🙂

“kenna I need to talk to granny in privacy” I told kenna. she nodded and went from granny’s room


“say my little princess”

“what is this sign means? ” I showed her my sign which is in my right hand thumb.

“it is means u r the princess with Devine powers” she said

“can this sign appears in men also?”

“no..god is only gave the Devine power to princess not to prince..some prince has this coz they r the real partner of the Devine princess”

“and…” I cut her off coz someone was knocking the door.

, granny I will talk to u later.”

I opened my door..I found grandpa there..he was smiling. .

“I know u r sad..but I did this for ur safety” he said with much care and love

“I know grandpa”

“come let’s have dinner. ..I am too hungry”

we both walked to dining room. ..I was thinking about granny’s words. .is it means Ryan a prince?????


what u guys are thinking about Ryan???? why Em is thinking that grandpa is hiding something? ??? wanna know? ??? stay tuned….love u all

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  1. Hey my ruby dr how r u nice ryan

    1. am fyn dr..I missed u …how r u???

  2. richa (titli)

    ohh m nt firstt here 🙁 ANYY WAYSSS NYSS DR lol TC

    1. its ok sweety…lv u

  3. Happie to c u bak. N i think Ryan too is a prince n grandpa want to hide the mark for their own safty 🙂

    1. thnx dr lv u 🙂

  4. Haha richu. … Rudy chk previous epi…. I left a comment for u .. Reply ok how was the names..

    1. I think they didn’t post ur comment 🙁

      how about zayn and Aisha?

      1. Wow wat a connect…. One of my Muslim girl names wer Aisha …. Infact my first option was Aisha

        Love u and continue ….
        But on a promise tht u wil regularly update emerald …..

  5. Hiiii….nice epi…I mssd u itha..I flt bre hr wdt urs nd jeos stry..

  6. I also think that Ryan is a prince.. And their families have some relation…

    1. I will reveal it soon dr

  7. Hey di, the chapter was nice and I felt bad as Em and Ryan are far from each other now. Plzzz get them back together sooooon. Keep writing. Take care 🙂 🙂

    1. sure dr…thnq

  8. No ruby its posted in previous epi

    Chk it out


  9. Hey its nice dr… i think ryan is also prince..

  10. Very interesting…so curious to know about ryan’s past …lovely story. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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