EMERALD..The Divine Love (11)


Badtameez lovers I am really sorry for not posting BD..Nehal&Rishi I know you guys are waiting for next episode. .but I don’t know how to continue the ff..can anyone help me please? ?? can anyone continue my ff for BD fans sake??


chapter 11

Emerald’s pov

I wasn’t satisfied with grandpa’s words. so I decided to find out the truth.

we spent four days in grandpa’s home. our exams are coming soon so we decided to go back but grandpa told that Mark will fry to harm me so I should stay with grandpa. Ryan was unhappy with this decision but he didn’t say anything. .


Mark’s pov

EMERALD….I know you are trying to ran away from me.but you can’t babe.. (he smirks) if you won’t agree with me I will snatch ur best friend first then your life RYAN…(he laughs like a devil) you have to sleep with me for one day then I can achieve what I want….the whole kingdom will be in my hand and I will rule over the world….hahahaha 😀 😀 😀

Jeremy’s pov

Mark came to my home and threaten me if I didn’t tell where Emma is then he will harm my family. .I can’t do it to Emma nor to my family. my mum told me whatever happen with us it doesn’t matter don’t let him know where emerald is..I did what my mum said…I told him I won’t say..do what u want to do..I don’t care..he didn’t harm my family, but he beat me in front of my mum.my mum was strong and brave. she didn’t scream but she tried her best to save me..

I called Emma. .

“hey jere, how r u?”

“I am fine Emma. .I have to tell u something”

“go ahead ”

“Mark is finding u..I think u should stay there for few days more”

“jere…is he came there?”

“no Emma why would he come here?”

“don’t lie jere..I know he came there..now tell me, did he did something to u???”

“no Emma. .he didn’t do anything”

“again lie”

“if you know I am lying then why r u asking me?” I made a pout expression

“u r too cute when u did like that” she giggled


“pouting” she laughed

“how u know? ”

“jere..its Emma not any other girl…I know u very well”

“ummm…okey buddy say hai to ur hubby..by”

“okey dude. .by take care” she hang up the call.

Emma knows me very well and she cares for me so how can I let Mark to harm her? its not gonna happen..I will protect her..


did u enjoy Mark and Jeremy’s pov?????

hey buddies I am thinking about to write a new story. it is a Kerala-London based Muslim romantic story. .I am not confirmed about character name and story name…need suggestions please…

waiting for ur comments 🙂

spread love and peace all over the world 🙂 🙂

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  1. Ruby I was waiting for nxt update… It was good to know mark and Jeremy’s POV.. Update nxt part soon.
    And about ur new story.. I love to read it… Plz write that one… Kerala London story…???

    1. dear give me some Muslim names..and thnx for commenting

      1. Boy- Hamad, Anshad, Sageer.
        Girl- Sufiyan, Yashiyan, Thasneem, Mubina, Rabiya, Riswana, Thahsina, Rahila…

      2. thnx dr..I like yashiyan.

  2. Ruuuuby…..i’m so happpy…..episode is really goood….excited…4 ur new story…..update soon!!!!

    1. happy to see u here dr…I was typing next chapter then suddenly everything vanished. ..:(

  3. Nice…..Jeremy is a true friend. Waiting for next update. Keep writing. Take care di 🙂 🙂

  4. nice dear..

    1. thank u dr

  5. Wow. Thank u for Jeremy and. Marks. Pov…… Awesome …
    Was waiting. For. Ur update ….

    Yea sure u start that story but on a promise that u wil continue emerald ok?

    Muslim name for girl – Aisha begum apsara hazara …. Etc I wil tel later aftr searching here and there …
    Hero – fazal faizal abdul Aziz Asif Hamid manzoor Ali Zafar etc ….

    1. I will continue emerald I promise 🙂

  6. Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, hiiiiiiii. first time into ur page. hw r u dearrrrrrrrr? just saw ur cmmnt on recent cmmts n jumped into here. haha, i came up blabbering here. cos, u r always a great one to me. can nvr forget u. love u dear. how is ur llife going???

    1. hey thena my deary..hahaha I like ur blabbering 😀 I am fine dr..how are you??

      love u too… :-*

  7. richa (titli)

    heyy nysss chap well u uploadedagain i justttt finiched lasttchap and thot to cmmnt anyways m cmmnting here nyc chaps dr LOL TC CU ? ? ? ?

    1. thnq thnq

  8. Assalam alaikum itha.I mssd u vry much…wr s anthr stry?

    1. waalaikumaslam dr…I too missed u..I was checking u in every page..which story dr?? SHE?

  9. Wowwww such a cute episode ruby…I liked it very much. .mark wants to hurt em at any cost n want to the kingdom. ..but jeremy is true friend of em, inspite of mark’s torture he didn’t tell em’s whereabout. ..so selfless friend. ..Emma n Ryan both have some old connection, I think they are related somehow with that tattoo symbol, what is grandpa hiding??? Eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. ..
    Wowww new story. ..use couple name as afshaan n alfiya…n story name dil ki duaa or prayer from heart…just a suggetion…if you like it…take care sweetie and upload the next episode soon, love you

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