EMERALD..The Divine Love (10)


It has been too long i didn’t post my fiction.i know you guys are angry on me for not posting EMERALD.i really want to post but i couldn’t recharge my phone πŸ™

Chapter 10

Emerald’s pov

I clunched in to Ryan’s hand.we were walking in apple field.i was feeling comfort around him.i looked at him with a huge smile on my face.he smiled back.we talked about nonesense.when i saw something on his left hand’s thumb,like a tattoo.OMG the tattoo look like my sign which is on my right hand thumb.when he did this tattoo????i opened my mouth to talk about the tattoo,but someone interfeared..

“Master is calling you both” the owner of the voice was john.

“Yeah,we are coming” Ryan said

We went to the courtyard,where grandpa blake was sitting with 3 people.when we reached there grandpa introduced us to the folks.

“This is Ryan and his wife Emerald wales and Ryan and Emma this is Edward windsor and his family” grandpa said.he didn’t mention Ryan as his grandson.

I looked at them with happiness because windsor and we wales are relatives,my granny is from windsor.when i saw the girl who is my same age i rushed to her and hugged her tight..

“ROSSYYYYYY” i was screaming..everyone looked at me weired face.Rose hugged me back tight.

“Emmaa..it has been long since we met” she smiled at me wided.

Rose is my friend..yeah you heared right she is my friend after kenna and jeremy.we first met in church.she is realy a nice person.

“So you married to Ryan?” Rose asked


“You are blushing Emma” rose smiled

We talked a lot whole elders continued their chat..i completely forgot about ryan lol :-p

Ryan’s pov

When Em saw the girl who came along with windsor couple she rushed to her and hugged her.the girl is supposed to be their daughter.

“Emma,u know rose?” Grandpa asked

“Yep..we are friends grandpa” em replied

Em was busy with rose she completely forgot ME!!!!

“Son” a sweet female voice called me.i looked at the owner of the voice.it was rose’s mum.


“How are you doing?”

“I am good”

“Is emerald keeping you happy?” She questioned like a mother.i nodded.she caressed my face and kissed on my forhead.i was shell shocked.no one never did this to me.i felt a motherly love.my eyes filled with water.i smiled at her.

“Jessica” mr.windsor called rose’s mum.she shook her head and went to join grandpa and mr.windsor.


Em turned to me and smiled.i was furious because she ignored me.but when she smiled i calm down.

“Ryan,come join with us”

I joined them.we talked a lot like old friends.windsor family had lunch with us.after lunch em showed the house to rose.

“We have to go now mr.blake” mr.windsor told

“Okey king windsor” grandpa and mr.windsor shared a hug.

Mrs.windsor came to em and gave her a gift box and said “this is for you princess”.em looked at me i nodded in an approval.she smiled at her.mrs.windsor hugged em and kissed her.em was surprised.she stood beside me.the most surprising thing was mr.windsor hugged me.the King hugged a normal man!!!

“Brother” it was rose.

“Thank you Rose” i said

“For what?”

“For calling me brother”

She smiled at me and hugged me i hugged her back.

“Emma,will meet you in church next sunday” rose said to em.

“Sure Rosy”.so em calls rose ‘rosy’

Afyer they left we went to our room.em opened her gift box.it was a diamond necklace!!!!!!

“OMG…!!!!!” Em’s eyes widened.

“Why did she gave you diamond necklace?” I questioned.

“O don’t know..and Ryan this necklace is the same necklace which every mother in law gives to her daughter in law in their wedding,granny told this.”

We both looked each other confused.

“Don’t be confused kids” it was grandpa

“Mr.windsor was the sponsor of Ryan and jessica lost her child so she saw her child in Ryan,thats why she gave this to you” grandpa continued.

We just smiled at him..


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Credit to: Ruby

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  1. Superb episode dear n how r u ?after longtime almost one month.

    1. thnx dear..I am doing well..what about you?

  2. ohh ur back ..i thought u ended ur ff…nw plzzz update regularly n infrm us wn ever u plan to end it…. just lyk ur prevoius ff …y so much pain in ur love..sona n alan ff…

    1. yup buddy..finally I am back πŸ˜€ I will inform before ending this ff…wow u still remember sona and alan? so nice of u dear. ..I am thinking about to write the actual story of why so much pain in your love.I mean a new version which really shows the pain in love.what u think about it?

  3. Oh thank you so much di !! I was desperately waiting for ur update. How are you? I m not at all angry with you. I can understand that u were busy but now since u r back , plzzzzz post regularly, if possible. Keep writing. Take care πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    1. thnx for understanding me dr…I will try to upload regularly

  4. Plz disclosed about ryan …. Soon…<3
    Luv ur ff….

    1. thnx seema dr

  5. Ruby loved this episode… Is Ryan their real son??….
    Ruby u r back and don’t worry I know ur situation and we are not angry at you… So how are you now….?? Missed u badly.. Keep writing.. Love you..

    1. I am fine dr..what about u?
      I too missed u and love u dr

  6. Superb dr. I thot u left the stry in middl n disappeard. Happy to c u bak dr πŸ™‚

  7. A verrrrryyyy looonnnngggg wait … Literally a lot more angry on u …. Anyways thank u at least u dint forget to update aftr so long ….

    Episode wat to say em…eem…. Emerald as always nailed it …..

    Waiting for UR next epi …

    1. sorry dr I was busy with my Nikkah

  8. I was also searching u in evry page but was not able to see u anywhere…..
    Emerald and Ryan reactions towards winderson and his fly was so cute ….. And worth a watch if it was made a film or show …..

    1. ur comment means a lot to me dr

  9. Oh god dr u r awesome person it was nice story

    1. thnx hayu

  10. Hey. Ruby. I was a silent reader of Emerald liked yr ff very much but as I completed reading part 9 u seemed like vanished somewhere
    I used to search every alternate day but could not find it ……then I thought u left writing….. Was very disappointed but now as I found part 10. ..all disappointment vanished
    And m verrrrrrrry happppy
    Am very big fan of emerald
    Love u loads
    N now update regularly
    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ *)

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  11. I was not aware of yr ff why so much pain in yr love
    Will read it also πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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  12. Thank you finally you updated… literally i searched for ur ff… it was really awesome… and i’m not at all angry…

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  13. Hi ruby dear, awesome episode, how are you honeyyy, must be busy…don’t worry we know it. ..today’s episode was really sweeeeeet one…looks like they’re Ryan’s real parents…curious to know mystery behind the tattoo…keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and take care sweetie

    1. I am fine dr what about u?…yeah I was busy but not now πŸ™‚

  14. Nice episode but ruby plz badtmeejdil allso updatekaro plz plz plz ruby we r waiting long time u r sister all so coming back update karo yaar i am the big fan of u r ffs especially bd i m miss alot mehabeer also

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