EMERALD. ..The Devine Love (epilogue)

MANY MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY ANU (ANANYA) this chapter is dedicated to you my sweety…yeah. this is my gift to you…love you loads…Daivam iniyum orupad orupad nalla janmadinangal nalkatte πŸ™‚ ninte swapnangal ava ninne thedi ethatte…love uuuuu…a tight and warm hug dr…mmuaaah

I am writing epilogue in present tense..


Rose is chasing a two year old girl..the girl is wearing a white frock and denim blazer.her hair is golden coloured. her eyes are green with blue shades..she is beautiful. ..

“hey…hey…DIAMOND…don’t make me run” rose says..

so the girl’s name is Diamond…she is new entry in this story. .

the girl run to Jeremy and hugs his legs..

“jere tell rose to not chase me” the girl speaks

jere take her in his arms. .

“Rose don’t chase my diamond..she is mine” Jeremy says with serious tune

“no she is mine” Rose defense.

“how can be she yours, jere and Rose? when I am here ..I have full right on her..I am her…” Mark cuts off Kenna

“she is mine Kenna, look at her eyes. .there is blue shades” Mark says

“what’s going on buddies. ..” our here Ryan comes with a broad smile in his face

the girl diamond get off from Jeremy’s arms. she run towards Ryan. ..Ryan bent down in her level…

DADDYYYYY….saying this Diamond hugs Ryan. ..a broad smile comes on Ryan’s face.he hugs the little girl back

“where is mummy? ” Diamond asks

“she is there” Ryan points his index finger to the huge stairs. .there a lady wearing a white dress and golden hair..

“go and get mummy here, daddy” Diamond says to Ryan

Ryan comes to the beautiful lady and lift her in his arms.the lady puts her arms around Ryan’s neck.

Mummy. ..Diamond jumps in joy..Ryan puts the lady down.

“you are looking gorgeous” Jessica, Ryan and Rose’s mum says.

“thank u mum” Ryan’s ‘wife’ says

“today Ryan is double happy. .one is Diamond’s 2nd birthday and secondly his 3rd wedding anniversary” Edward, Ryan and Rose’ s father says.

Jeremy and Mark comes with two cakes. .

Ryan and his ‘wife’ make Diamond to cut the cake. she feeds them and they feeds her back…everyone sings birthday song for Diamond. .

“did you forget me people” someone says..everyone looked at the entry..there is a man with wings..no it is an Angel. ..Angel Aaron. .

“grandpa” Ryan calls him and rushes to him.he hugs Aaron.

“u still calls me grandpa, my son”

“yes grandpa. .I can’t call u Angel or anything coz u r my grandpa”

Aaron kisses on Ryan’s forehead

“how r u my son?”

“I am very happy with my family” Ryan smiles

Aaron blesses Diamond and Ryan’s ‘wife’

“Ryan, now cut your anniversary cake” Mark says.

Ryan and his ‘wife’ cuts the cake and feeds each other.

“happy 3rd anniversary Ryan” ‘wife’ says

“happy anniversary EM…” he kisses EMERALD on her lips EMERALD kisses him back…everyone claps for them..

“photo time” Jeremy says.Ryan takes Diamond in his left hand and he put his right hand on Emerald’s shoulder. Emerald put her hand on Ryan’s waist.she holds Diamond’s hand with her right hand. .

“perfect family” everyone says..


Next:flashback series

thanks a lot Ananya, hayathi, faima, liya, devga, lakshmi, advaitha, nive, Rishi, Rose, vivi, zaira, seema, aastha, Roma, alia, sonia, aliya, sooraj, zayn, sammy, thnx for reading and commenting and supporting me…thnq silent readers. ..

Here is the link of EMERALD rashi dr…enjoy ur reading πŸ™‚

Credit to: Ruby


  1. Lakshmi

    Wow..em is alive great yaar n they r happy with their daughter. Next flashback series…oh I’ll be waiting for that. Nice pic dear.
    Happy birthday ananya.
    May God bless you with lots of love, happiness and success.

  2. U nailed it yaar…. Awesome …. Waiting for fb series ……. Hope angel Aaron or Ryan had some powers to bring back princess Emerald ….

  3. Wow diamond cuteee cuteee diamond our emerald’s and Ryan’s daughter ….
    Loved the pic with the small girl caressing the dog …….

    Ananya many more happy returns of the day …….. May this year be the most successful and prosperous year ahead for u ….. Wat a frnd V all have dear such a lovely frnd Ruby whom dedicated this epi specially for u ….

    Love u Ruby
    Eagerly waiting for fb series

  4. Ananya

    Ruby thanku dear… Thanx so very much.. I didn’t expect this I am soo happy. Loved this gift…
    Ruby njan ethi ottum pradikshichila.. I am surprised… Thankuuuuuu….. Live you and a tight hug..muaah…?????

    • Ananya

      Ruby njan eppol agilum neritu kanubol tharam.. That to a biggggggg one… And Oru valia chaku neraya kapalandi tharam…???

      • Ruby

        entammoo oru chakk neraye kappalandi…enik orkane vayya…njanippo santhosham kond thullichadum πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  5. Devga

    Wat kapalandi itself is a small treat but to make it big u r giving one ful chaaku … Not bad …. Nice idea anu ….
    Lol I too knw malu dearies …. Anyways WIL wait for ur treat …. I like kapalandi ….

  6. Roma

    Awesome, marvellous, outstanding, so, so ,so lovely n beautiful my dear ruby. ..it’s perfect now….love you loads and very tight hug, muaaaaahhhhhh,

  7. Aastha

    Very nice Ruby
    i just loved it
    and m sorry i couldnt comment actually my exams r coming i couldnt read yr fiction but dont miss my comment i wish u all the best for writing from heart n keep writing i will read it afterwards
    love u loads Ruby πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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