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Hello lovely people I m Moonlight Tania. You know me from my ff hate to love. So today instead of writing another episode of hate to love it thought to write an Os. I m sorry if there are any mistakes or if it is boring.. This OS will be both for Sanveer and Kanchi… but mostly Sanveer although i love kanchi more. Its nothing realted to the real serial or its storyline. lets go..

A girl and boy are seen running away from some goons who are behind them.. They somehow escape and sit in the bus which is going to Mumbai.. (The girl is Sanchi and the boy is Veer.)
The goons enter the same bus in which Sanveer are hiding.. Sanchi puts ghungat from her dupatta while Veer puts on the moustache and sunglasses which he had kept in his pocket..
The goons check each and every person there, they see Sanveer and stare at them..
Goon 1- Hey girl, take out your ghungat, we want to see your face..
Veer (in a different voice)- How dare u tell my wife to take out her ghungat? Its a sin for a woman to show her face to any man..
Goon 2- Ok ok..(shows him Sanveer’s photo) Have u seen these two anywhere?
Sanskaar- No.. Who they are to us that we will see them?
The goons leave..
Sanchi takes out her ghungat while Veer removes his moustache and sunglasses and they both sigh in relief..
Sanchi (smiles)- Arey wah! What an acting..
Veer (smiles)- After all I m Veer Malhotra ..
They both laugh..
The bus leaves.. Soon they reach Mumbai.. They both get down of the bus..

(Okay so till now u must have understood what has happened, Sanveer love each other but their families are against this as Sanchi is Jaya Mishra’s who is his childhood enemy so that’s why they marry secretly and elope. Veer’s parents send goons to catch them. Will Sanveer be able to overcome all hurdles and lead a happily married life?)

Sanchi (gets tensed)- Veer, where will we go now? We don’t have anyone who can help us. And your father will do anything to find us..
Veer (caresses her face)- Shh, don’t worry, first we will have food, then we will find a place for us to live, okay?
(Sanveer have bought some money and jewellery with them, so that they can make up for their daily expenses)
They both go in a nearby restaurant and have lunch.. Now they go to the jewellers shop. Sanchi sells her gold ring and necklace and they get some money..
Sanveer reach in a village where there are only huts. A man helps them get a hut where they can stay.. The hut is very dirty but Sanveer together clean the hut..
Sanchi (sighs in relief)- Thank God! Its cleaned now..
Veer laughs at her..
Sanchi- Am I looking like a joker that u are laughing like this?
Veer- (controls his laugh)- See ur face, the dust is on ur nose(rubs her nose) now gone..
Sanchi- Accha Veer, I’ll call maa and tell her that we both are safe here..
Veer- Okay, but take care, till then I’ll bring something for us to eat in the night..
And they both leave in different ways..

Sanchi goes to a shop where there is a telephone, she puts the coin in it and then dials the number of her home..
Her mother takes up the call…
Jaya- Hello..
Sanchi (says emotionally)- Hello Maa..
Jaya – Hello Sanchi , where r u beta? Are u fine?
Sanchi- Ha maa I m fine, and I m Mumbai with Veer..
Jaya (has tears in her eyes)- Mumbai.oh Sanchi, beta, take care..
Sanchi -Bye…
She cuts the call
Malhotra heard that Sanchi and Veer were in Mumbai. He told his goons to search everything in Mumbai and when you find them..kill them..
Days passed and Sanveer worked hard to adjust in the small hut with love, while the goons were checking every corner of Mumbai.Sanchi now stitches clothes to earn money, while Veer has opened a tea stall.. They both work very hard to earn money..

One day,
Malhotra’s goons see Veer selling tea.. But they wonder where is Sanchi…
So one of the goon calls Malhotra and tell him about it..
Malhotra – Keep a watch at him, where he goes, what he does and find out where is Sanchi and where they live..

For a few days the goon keeps a watch on Veer . And while keeping a watch at him, he comes to know that Sanveer live in a hut and that Sanchi stitches clothes to earn money while Veer has opened a tea stall..
When they tell this to Malhotra , he orders him to kill Sanchi but nothing should happen to Veer.
So one day when both Sanveer were at home, two goons came in diguise of guests.
They pulled out a gun to kill Sanchi but Veer came in front and was shot
Veer (breathes heavily)- Sanchi…promise me that you will marry Kabir.. remember my best friend.. he also loved you but when he knew you loved me he went away..I want you to go to him and marry him.. I am sure he will keep you happy.. Bye..
Sanchi (gets teary eyed)- Yes Veer .. I will do it for u… I will marry him..?
Veer (smiles)- I..lo..love..uu..San..Sanchi
And he breathed his last..
Sanchi cried out loud to him but now he had already left her..
Sanchi went to Kabir and married him. At first she didn’t love him but his love was immense for her thatshe started loving him as well. Now they have a daughter named Kanchi..

I hope u liked it.. Sorry if it was boring, all comments are welcomed Sorry if I wasted ur time.. Meet u in the comments sections…

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  1. Nice OS dear plzz write a kanchi os

    1. Moonlight25

      Thank you. Yes I will write one

  2. hey tania, wanted to know how sanchi escaped from the goons there & reached near kabir, what happened & under what circumstances they got married………….luv u dear……

    1. Moonlight25

      After Veer was killed, she somehow fooled the goons and went to Kabir. She told him all the story and he still loved her so he married her. Veer’s father couldn’t kill him because Kabir was a rich person and had high security.

  3. Nice.

  4. Trisha139

    Very nice lovd this

  5. Awesome

    1. Moonlight25

      Thanks a lot.

  6. Swetatitli

    What a lovely ff yaar! I was just dumbstruck ???

  7. Amnaa

    Nice story

  8. Good job! keep it up

    1. Moonlight25

      Thanks a lot

  9. Abhilasha

    Nice and emotional dear…. Good job!

  10. It was very good and emotional….both I seriously loved the way u twisted the story..

    1. Moonlight25

      Thanks a lot

  11. Amazing and emotional os

  12. thnx tania, it was damn good & loved the ending as well………

  13. feeling sad for veer..but awesome os
    waiting for next os..
    i have one doubt is kabeer is malhotra puppet or not.
    how veer know kabir love sanchi
    after kabir knowing entire truth from sanchi he didn’t do any action against malhotra

    1. Moonlight25

      This was nothing realted to the hospital. Malhotra himself is a rich men so Kabir couldn’t do anything. Here kabeer has nothing to do wit has Malhotra. Veer’s knows that Kabir loves Sanchi because he was his best friend

  14. VINAL

    Nice one Moonlight(Taniya) we got both sanveer & kanchi in your os

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