Elite series – Shivika – Tempting Mr Oberoi Chapter 10

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Shivika kiss outside Mishra Nivas

Annika closed the back door as quietly as she could and quickly entered the main hall taking care to close the connecting door as well. She was late. More than she had expected. Everyone had left and the hall was empty. She tiptoed her way to the staircase when a voice stopped her.
Akshat : Where on Earth are you coming from, Leah?
Annika winced, but quickly recovered. She turned around to look at her brother, who did not return her innocent smile.
Annika : What do you mean?
Akshat : Oh no, you don’t. You can’t get away by acting innocent tonight. I already know you weren’t at home for almost two hours now. So where were you? Were you alone? Don’t you know it’s not safe in the night?
Annika : Calm down.
Akshat (frustrated) : My sister had been missing for almost two hours. Do you think I can calm down?
Annika paused and considered whether she could just run to the top and thus, escape this conversation. Unfortunately, He knew her and immediately caught hold of her arm.
Akshat : No way, Sister. First you tell me where have you been? Just be grateful Ma didn’t find out.
Annika sighed but knew she had no way out. She followed her brother to his study; The same place where a few days ago he had opened her eyes to adventure and risks.
She dropped her stole and pushed the chair behind to sit when Akshat let out a shocked exclamation.
Annika (confused) : What happened?
Akshat : What the hell are you wearing? That’s not yours. Who did you borrow it from? What if someone Elite saw you?
Annika : Do you honestly think I’ll allow myself to be seen like this, Akshat? I was very careful and safe.
Akshat (glaring and crossing his arms) : So, where were you this evening?
Annika : I was here for Om’s and Gauri’s engagement, Ofcourse.
Akshat (his voice grim) : Leah!
Annika sighed and tried to evade his question once more.
Annika : I went out.
Akshat : Out?
Annika : Yes, I find it wonderful to be outside, Don’t you?
Akshat : Annika Leah Mishra, Will you stop beating around the bush and tell what you did wearing such an outfit? Where did you get it from, anyways?
Annika : I won’t tell you.
Akshat : Probably Seema Aunty. I should tell Ma about this, You know.
Annika (scowling) : Don’t you dare. Seema aunty practically raised all of us.
Akshat : Then tell me where you went tonight?
He sat down on the table and gave her an intimidating look. Though it didn’t work on her, Annika knew she couldn’t leave until she had told him the entire truth.
Annika : The twin sins.
Akshat gave her a flabbergasted look that was so comical that Annika wanted to chuckle but she suppressed the urge as Akshat’s expression turned into one of outrage.
Akshat (loudly) : You went where?
Annika : Shh! Do you want everyone to wake up?
Akshat (angrily) : I should call Ma straightaway and ask her to punish you. Why were you there?
Annika (shrugging) : To have a drink.
Akshat stared at her for a moment before looking to the side where his personal collection of liquor were stored in a shelf.
Akshat : Did we not have any at home?
Annika (rolling her eyes) : Ofcourse we did. We always do. However, I wanted to experience something that is not Elite. Something that is adventurous.
Akshat sighed, but didn’t pursue that avenue further. He then narrowed his eyes once more.
Akshat : Did anyone see you?
Annika : Not by anyone important.
Akshat froze and looked at her shocked.
Akshat : Who did see you then?
Annika (shrugging) : Does it really matter?
Akshat : Leah!
Annika : Fine! Shivaay Singh Oberoi saw me. Are you happy now?
Akshat (aghast) : Shivaay Singh Oberoi, Elite Number 6 saw you?
Annika : Well yes! But seeing as how he recommended the place to me in the first place, It seems inevitable that he wouldn’t know.
Akshat : SHIVAAY recommended the pub to you?
Annika : Lower your tone, Akshat. It seriously isn’t a big deal.
Akshat : What do you mean it isn’t a big deal, Annika? My little sister went out in the middle of the night to a non Elite place and not just non Elite, It was a blo*dy pub. She had whiskey there and Shivaay Singh Oberoi spotted her there. Isn’t this just perfect.
Annika : Akshat! This is not fair. First you ask me to have fun and when I do, You admonish me.
Akshat stared at her.

Akshat : You must be joking.
Annika (surprised) : I’m sorry?
Akshat : You’re blaming this on me? I meant you to have some harmless fun, Leah. Not go about doing whatever you want. Hear me out now. You can go clubbing with your friends in a reputed establishment or drink or anything, really, as long as you don’t disappear in the middle of the night or go to non Elite places alone.
Annika (smiling) : Sure, Elder brother. Would you like me to get a bib and put it around my neck while eating?
Akshat : Sarcasm doesn’t become you, Leah.
Annika : Yeah, Well. You deserve it. I wasn’t in any trouble, You know.
Akshat : You were with Shivaay Singh Oberoi.
Annika : And he behaved like a perfect gentleman.
Akshat : Imagine that. My sister and flirt of Kolkata were together and he turned out to be the gentleman.
Annika blushed slightly but not because of Akshat’s words. Rather because she had remembered the kiss with Shivaay which was anything but gentlemanly.
Akshat : Anyhow, No more non Elite pubs, Leah. Promise me.
Annika considered him for a moment and then nodded. She wouldn’t need to go there again anyways.
Akshat : You can do whatever you want in this house, You know.
Annika’s eyes lit up.
Annika : Really?
Akshat (groaning) : Oh no! What is it?
Annika : Akshat, I would like to smoke once.
Akshat (laughing) : If you think I’m going to actually give you a cigarette, You got another thought coming, Sister.
Annika : Come on. I know you smoke. I’ve seen you.
Akshat : Yes. I have. Very rarely though and never in front of you.
Annika : I’ve never had one. Don’t you think that’s pretty chauvinistic of you not to give your sister?
Akshat : I don’t want her to get lung cancer or any other form of cancer, So no, I’m not going to give her.
Annika sighed. She knew when she was beat.
Annika : Alright Akshat. I won’t smoke. But you have to promise me you won’t either. Never ever. After all, I don’t want my brother to get cancer either.
Akshat grinned and nodded.
Akshat : I’ll do my best to stop, Leah. And now that we’re done with the serious part of the evening, Let me ask you this- How did you like scotch whiskey?
Annika : Oh God, Akshat. It was horrible. I don’t know how you can have it. It made my insides burn and my tongue was left with a bitter taste.
Akshat laughed remorselessly.
Akshat : Serves you right for trying it out.
Annika (smiling happily) : I don’t care. I’ve had another adventure today. One that I’m not likely to forget anytime soon.
Akshat : An adventure that really shouldn’t have happened. What the hell was Shivaay thinking? He should have brought you straight to me the first time you mentioned it to him.
Annika : Seeing as I didn’t mention that I was the one who wanted to go there, I don’t see why he would have felt obligated that you know. Besides, I told you, He was very meticulous and angry that I was there. He was concerned for my reputation.
Akshat : As well as he should be. I still think I would like to punch him though.
Annika : I would rather you didn’t. I like him.
He met her eyes.
Akshat : You like him? What does that mean? You… You know that…. People like Shivaay… Leah, Women don’t just “like” him.
Annika : I guess not.
Akshat heard the underlying note of woe in her tone and his eyes glinted with anger.
Akshat : I know that he danced with you tonight, Leah. I’m glad you felt comfortable and protected in his presence at the Twin Sins tonight. But.. Shivaay Singh Oberoi isn’t someone you marry. He….
Annika stood up and offered Akshat a kind smile.
Annika : Don’t worry about that, Akshat. I know that Shivaay Singh Oberoi isn’t for me.
Annika (thinking) : Perhaps if I say it enough, I’ll begin to believe it.
She forced a chuckle, attempting to lighten the mood.
Annika : Shivaay may prove to be too much adventure for me anyways.
She placed a kiss on his cheek and accepted his hug. Saying goodnight, She left the study and climbed the main staircase to her room.
Annika prepared herself for sleep slowly and methodically, refusing to allow Akshat’s words to upset her. Certainly, he was right. She was no match for Shivaay Singh Oberoi; she never had been. But that night, she had come close. And, if one night were all she could have, it would have to be enough.
She replayed the events of the evening in her mind as she took down her hair, and changed into her white nightgown. She then smoothed out her wrinkled list and considered it frankly. For several minutes, she sat at her desk, unmoving, reading over the items. With a sigh, she lifted her pen and drew a dark line through Smoking and drink scotch.
Smoking was a no no now and Annika respected her body too much to harm herself.
She switched off the lights and slid into bed and dreamed of the woman in Shivaay’s arms.
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