Really am new here. it include both swasan & raglak along with my fav arshi @ abhigya…so here is the part

scene 1:
a big mansion is shown….. a melodious voice echoing all over the mansion making the workers admire their elder princess. yes actually she is a princess…. the elder princess of the samraj Gadwal…… she finishes her aarti and takes blessings from an eldery women who really admires her to the core…..
girl 1: dadi i really missed u…..
dadi: am fine beta… waise where are my other princesses…
girl 1 : wo..wo ..dai

lady: no need.. . ye ladkiya bhi na…. hamesha working..
girl 1: let it b na dadi.. they came late. let them sleep.
lady: ok beta. atleat wake them 4 bf.
girl 1: teeek hai dadi( walks away}
ladi: beta u 3 r the heartbeats and strength of theis samraj.. but i really miss u beta . wr r u????
scene 2
v cn c 2 girls sleeping peacefully….
girl 1 enters and sigh….
girl 1: sleeping beauties .. get up …
girl 2: di let us sleep

girl1: my dr behanas get up dadi is here…
girl2: wat!!!!!!!!!!! hitler is here… ( to girl 3) hey get up… hitler is here
girl 3: waaaaaaaaaaaat..
both het up and goes to get ready…. girl 1 laughs seeing them
scene 3
girl 2 & 3 in professional suits….infront of an office “MEHRA INDUSTRY”

lady : beta aarti tho lelo
boy 1: no need am getting late…HE leaves 2 his room
boy2: ma don’t cry plz… all will b fine.. its just that he misses didi..and things dad is at fault….
lady: hw an i beta … i really miss my funloving , naughty son….he has become a robot who only works….
seeing his ma the boy also cries

scene 5
boy 1 is seen in a professional black suit…there is no colour in his life.. v an c him crying by seeing a photo frame..
boy1: di where r u.. am really missing u…plz b bac.. i need u di ..ur chotu need u….
screen freeze./………
hai hw was it……

really itsmy fist attempt,,, so need ur comments to knw my faults and plus
so wat u think
who is the 1st girl and the old woman?
who r the other girls?
who is the lady and the 2 boys?
who is the boy crying and wat happened 2 his sis????


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  1. Jannatul.Nayma09

    Update soon

    1. Alsha

      Thanks dr. Will update 2moro.

  2. Sowji

    1st girl is swarna….girl 2 is ragini…2 boys is abi and arnav…nice start…my guess is little bit correct I hope…

    1. Alsha

      Thanks dr. Ur guess might b correct or vice versa. Will give a character sketch soon.anyway keep guessing

    1. Alsha

      Thank u dr

    2. Alsha

      Thank u dr .keep reading.

  3. Reshma_Pradeep


  4. Amazing

  5. simply fantastic dear proceed,,,,, I really loved it

  6. Nice dear….

  7. Nice yaa…

  8. Fairy

    Amaznggg…plz cont…keeeep rockng n stay blesssed sweeeety?????

  9. Interesting dear and plz continue

  10. Asra

    superbbb dear

  11. A.xx

    fab ang G1 is Swara and G2 is Rags then G3 Kushi,,
    Boy 1 is Sansku and boy 2 is Arnav/Lakshya xx

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