character sketch :
MEHRAS r really from raj parivaar… they r really respected by all the people.. een though there r political services the people always takes the advices of the raajmaata ANURADHA MEHRA….. AND THEIR PRINCESES… they are loved by all ..

Swara mehra: our heroine. twin sis of ragini. a true royal princess. loves her people and can do ath 4 them. manages mehra groups. strict,nd bossy in terms of work. has many secrets which even her soul sis does nt knw… partner in crime ragini… lov her siblings …pragya and arnav… more attached to arnav….. married which only rags knw.loves music and danc

Ragini mehra: twin sis of swara… is a princess 2… loves her siblings a lot… loves music and danc. more attached 2 pragya…. manages mrehra groups along with swara… naughty, bt caring.

Arnav mehra: bhai of swaraggya.. loves them equally..more attached to swara. no 1 knws abt his present.. except swara nd she does nt open up the secret.love Khushi maheshwari nd married 2 her.

Pragya mehra: kind, loving,caring princess. alwaya obeys her granny.loves all her siblings equally.. but cares 4 swara more as she knws about her character.misses her bhai..

Anuradha mehra: a humble , loving lady.. loves her granddaughters and grandson to the core..always adores them by heart.(nani in ipkknd).

Shekar mehra & Sharmista mehra: parents of arnav nd swaragya… died in a car crash actually a murder the fact is only known by swarag.


Sanskar maheshwari: most eligible bachelor of kolkata. India’s topmost and youngest businessman. deadly handsum , hot d dashing. lovs his bro lukcy d misses his sis khusi. strict d arrogant boss in business field. hates his family for sm reason. married man bt thi is only knw by lucky. loves his cousin abhi.

Lakshya maheshwari: lovs his bro and sis.. fun loving guy.. lovs 2 flirt bt does nt breks anyone.. also hates his father 4 sm reason… can do ath 4 his bro. loves abhi as his own bro.

Khushi Maheshwari: a cute, bubbly girl. loves her parents d her brothers.most attached 2 sanky d abhi. married to Arnav mehra against her fathers wish so he disowned her identity of arnav is unknow 2 all .

Abhishek raichand: son of DP’s sis.fiance of pragya. loves her a lot . one of the biggest bissiness tycoon in london. consider swarags as his own sis . an orphan. his parents died when he was 12. consider AP d DP as his own mom d dad .loves sanky nd lucky.

Durgaprasad maheshwari: same as in swaragini

Annapurna maheshwari: same as in swaragini

other characters will b shown as the story progress.

soooooooooo sorry 4 being late actually my exams r going on so i was little busy. i posted the chara sketch as i had alredy saved it in ma system. will post soon if possible

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  2. Interesting and plz continue.

  3. Is helly actually coming in devanshi or is it just rumours?

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    fab xx

  5. Fairy

    Oh wow loved it dr….waitng eagerly for ur storyyyy!!!!!post sooooonnnn…..awesome charecter sketch ,specially of ragini????keeep rockng n stay blessed dr ????

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    Awesome charaxter sketch

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    raglak arshi combination..i’m seeing it 4 d 1st time.excited

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    like all these couples

  9. interesting concept..looking forward to it

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