Elegantly Wasted (Chapter 3) ~ Sara

I know sorry won’t cut it, but I still greatly apologize! This has probably been the latest I’ve ever posted. But thank you for having patience with me. If you missed the last chapter, here is the link to it:


First date. I should be wearing a flirty dress and some nice shoes right?
He said to wear comfortable clothing and sneakers. With a sigh, I got ready in summer shorts, a tank top and a pair of sneakers. Dressing like this to a first date was certainly out of the ordinary. But then again, it was Kunj Sarna who I was going with. He, well he is anything but ordinary.


Kunj parked the run down jeep and led me out. I looked around us and noticed we were in a forest. Not exactly the first date I imagined in my mind.
“Hiking trails.” Kunj smiles as I look at his mysterious eyes. He puts a hand to my back and guides us onto one of the available trails. I close my eyes for a split second, every nerve in my body singing about the tiny point of contact that his fingertips were making to my back.
“Not exactly the first date I had in mind,” I say.
He pauses for a minute.
“So you’re planning to have more than one date with me?”
Taken aback by his sudden question, my jay drops. He smirks and then looks at my shoes. He folds his arms across his chest and tilts his head ever so slightly.
“What kind of woman wears sneakers to their first date?”
I resist the urge to slap his arm.
“The kind of woman who listens to what she’s told.”
Kunj’s eyes twinkle and becomes hooded in a lustful look. He takes a step towards me as my foot instantly takes a step backwards.
“So, you listen to everything I tell you?”
He takes one more step closer and then there’s the sweetest rush of contact as he traces his fingers ever so slightly up my arms. I shiver. I could feel Kunj’s warm breath against my cheek as he leaned in. His lips never touched mine but I can feel how close they are. The tiniest bit of contact that is somehow more powerful than if he crashed his body onto mine. I closed my eyes as he whispered into my ears.
“What if I told you to…”
I held my breathe.
“To hurry up and start walking. The hike is long!”
I open my eyes and look at him in disbelief; his eyes sparkling victoriously. He gives a small smirk before walking away, leaving me still frozen in shock.


Oh my God it’s taking me every ounce of self control I have to keep my eyes off of Twinkle. The way she keeps looking at me. The way she moves. The way she laughs. Everything is just perfect. I am itching to make her mine, to tell her how I feel. To distract myself, I start taking pictures; pictures of the scenery, but mostly pictures of Twinkle. But a lot of the pictures I take of her, she doesn’t even know about. I catch her watching the water, the space between her brows softening as she watches the light gleam across the ripples of the river running though the forest. The turn of her head as she listens to a bird singing in the trees. The light in her eyes as she tells a joke.
I am broken out of my thoughts as Twinkle tugs my arm and leads me with her to the river.


After what was one of the best days of my life, I stopped in front of Twinkle’s apartment door, anticipating to drop her off. Then she said those magical words.
“Do you want to come inside?”
I walked inside and took a look around. It was a small, but cozy…home. something, I didn’t have since I spend most of my life traveling.
“Do you have any drinks?”
Twinkle giggled, “what kind of bartender would I be if I didn’t have any drinks?”
We had a few drinks together and a small light conversation.
“I think you stole something from me.”
Me? Steal? From Twinkle?
She scooted a bit closer to me on the couch.
“That night at the bar, you stole something from me”, she said.

And everything flashed in front of my eyes again. The bet, the crowd, and the kiss. There’s only one thing on my mind right now, but I don’t answer. She’s right. I did steal something from her. And it’s only good manners to return anything you steal. I slide my hand up the back of Twinkle’s head, pull her close, and kiss her.

I lost any control over my senses. That has never happened before. That shouldn’t be happening now. I don’t know whether it was the affect of the drinks or just Twinkle, but all those thoughts seemed to be silenced by the gentle smell of her luscious hair and the twinkling of her beautiful eyes. Her curves fit perfectly onto my body like two puzzle pieces. And our fingers entwined like they were made just for each other.



I felt a slight breeze send shivers through my body. I pulled the blanket, hugging it closer to my body. My arm instantly patted the space on the bed next to me. It was empty. He was gone.

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