Elegantly Wasted (Chapter 2) ~ Sara

Thank you for all the love and support for the first chapter. I was doubting whether this story would be good or not. I’m glad that many of you liked it! If you missed the first chapter, here is the link to it:




I can’t believe I met Kunj freaking Sarna last night. In that time, I managed to know about his travels, his personality and he even asked for my name!
“Twinkle, this is wrong. You broke all the rules.” Di scowled at me.
“Come on di, this is Kunj Sarna we’re taking about. You know his lifestyle and you know how much I love his pictures. He has a decent job. Besides, he’s not a bad person.”
“Twinkle di, you broke our most important rule! Think about it this way. He’s a guy that travels around the world. When will he actually have the time to be here and date you? He won’t.” I take a long breath.
“Well, if you put it that way, I should leave Kunj Sarna alone right?”
Mahi di looked at me. “But you’re not going to leave him are you?” She already knew my answer. “There’s no chance.”

(The Bar…)

Every time the damn door opened, I lost my focus. My eyes drifted to the open door, hoping for that one person to come in. I haven’t been giving any attention to my customers and they seemed to get annoyed. A guy snapped in my face as I proceeded to ask for his drink for the third time. He didn’t seem annoyed, but rather intrigued. I hope he didn’t take it in that way thinking I was into him. I most certainly was not. The door opens again and I see a smiling Kunj enter the bar. He walks up to me and sits. “No camera today?” I ask. He raises his eyebrows. “Am I just a man with a camera to you?”
A small smile tugs at his lips and he speaks again.
“So are you not going to give me my drink?”
My eyebrow lifts.
“Is that what I am to you? Just a woman with a drink?” He smiles and I realize the wordplay he had just used. I pour him a drink and do a little trick with the glass before handing it to him. He looked slightly impressed.
“Is that all you can do?” Of course not. There’s many more tricks up my sleeve. He sits up straight. “I’ll tell you what, if you can’t solve a trick I set up then…”
Then? Then what?
“Then…you have to kiss me.” My jaw dropped.
He leaned back on his chair. “Yup. You lose, you kiss.” The bar fell silent as all eyes fell on us. A crowd forms around us as Kunj waits for my reply. “Fine. But let me tell you Kunj Sarna, I don’t lose.” He smiles and starts setting up the trick. As soon as he was done, I recognized the trick and jumped on the inside, happy that I knew how to solve the trick. Kunj handed a guy his phone, who immediately started recording. The bar fell silent as all eyes landed on me. I passed Kunj a quirky smile before I solved his trick and watched him shake his head in defeat. The bar goes crazy, the men hooting and hollering. Kunj starts approaching me with a smirk on his face. The bar falls silent once again, all eyes on us. I became stunned as Kunj lifts his hand and cups my face. In a matter of seconds, his lips were on mine. My eyes were open in shock as I saw his eyes closed. He had kissed me. I closed my eyes and balled his shirt near his shoulder into my fist. He pulled away and gave me that same smile. I was still dazed as he spoke.
“Sorry Twinkle. Like I said, loser has to kiss, and I’m a sore loser.”
Still dazed at the happenings, I stare into his eyes that showed a victorious spark.
“Did you just steal a kiss from me?”
He smirks. “I did.”
With a sudden burst of confidence, the next set of words flowed right out of my mouth, without my permission.
“So, you do know that you have to take me out tomorrow night so I can take back the kiss you just stole from me?”
All eyes locked on us intently. The guy with the camera comes closer and zooms in to us, waiting for Kunj’s reply. I see a small smirk form on his face as he gives me a reply.
“I thought you’d never ask.”

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  1. Ria

    Aww Sara . . Twinj will be always cute. Omg!! They just kissed each other and and a Twinkle straight away asked for a kiss too. They’re so cute and adorable. Omg, I love them! Okay, I’m high. Never mind ? Waiting for the next one. 🙂

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    Hey sara awesome just loved it to core

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    It was super cute one Sara and twinj just kissed and now waiting for kunj reply and twinj date and guy was recording twinj kiss moment.
    Do post your next ff too glade u posts this early.

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    Awesome the episode was beyond words I mean dude how do you write so well …. just falling in love with your work for the 3rd time
    Loved Kunj’s attitude confidence Twinkle’s charming attitude
    Love you post soon ❤❤❤

  6. Wow Sara it was amazing and that kiss part was awesome the way twinj spoke to each other was superb I loved it continue soon

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    Hey Saradi,
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    Twinj are always adorable and cute.
    I just loved them.
    Post the next chapter pretty soon. If you can
    With lots of love ????

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    Wowwww!!! Saraah. It’s amazing. Lovely. I lpvedit to the core. ???
    Loved twinkles antics for kissing?????
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    Hey Sara what an amazing story dear just loved it do continue soon
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    Hey Sara,
    I know I’m late but you know it why! Talking about the chapter, it was hella cute! Twinj are so damn adorable. The way Twinkle asked back for a kiss was lit! I truly and solely love this! Post the next one real soon! x Will be waiting!

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    Awesome one cute yaar
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