Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi Review: Old concept conveyed in a not so better way.

And TV’s Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi is a tale of a young widow Suman, who stays with her mother in law, sisters in law and a son. She lost her husband early after her marriage and holds responsibility towards her little son. Suman is a dutiful daughter in law and mother. Her mother in law motivates her to become independent and make an identity. Suman pursues higher education, while fulfilling her responsibilities at home. Suman gets a marriage proposal from her classmate Ranveer.

Suman’s life takes a turn when her Nanands turn into her Jethanis, by marrying in the same household. Suman gets married to Ranveer Mittal. The marriage happens in unusual circumstances. Ranveer’s mother Sindhura does not take interest in anything Suman does, as she holds a strong dislike for Suman. Suman gets two mothers-in-law and faces big change in relationships. The show brings the love story of Suman and Ranveer. Suman will be seen handling her new inlaws and relations, while reciprocating Ranveer’s love.

Main Characters:

Suman is a simple and sweet woman, who holds all the good values one would like a daughter in law to have. She is responsible, smart, hardworking, caring and good hearted person. She got married at a young age of 18, and soon became a widow. She has a four year old son Veer. She stays with her mother in law and two sisters in law. She is the only earning person in her family. She takes care of all her relations. She pursues MBA on her mother in law’s insistence. She then juggles to fulfill all her duties. Suman then gets married to Ranveer. She struggles to manage her newly formed relations.


Ranveer is smart, handsome, humble and a positive guy. He is the most eligible bachelor. He is the heir of Mittal family. He gets stubborn at times, but loves his family a lot. Though he is not spiritual by heart, he does all the puja and rituals to keep his family’s heart. He does not flaunt his richness. He has no pride to get all the luxuries in his life. He does not like Suman initially, after knowing her well and seeing her values and nature, he falls in love with Suman. His perception about Suman changes completely. He decides to marry Suman, by going against his mother’s wish.


Sonali Nikam as Suman Parmar
Abhishek Malik as Ranveer Mittal
Tassnim Sheikh as Sindhura Mittal
Himani Shivpuri as Kalawati Agarwal

Story So Far:

Suman is introduced. She keeps a mannat so that her mum in law Kalawati’s prayers get fulfilled. She applies mehendi to a lady, as she earns by running a beauty parlor. She wishes she passes in her life’s exam. Kalawati goes to the college to check Suman’s name in the result list. She regards Suman as her daughter. Suman wishes her belief does not break and she gets admission in the college. Her sister in law Antara calls her to know the things to get from market. Suman reminds her all the things. Another sister in law Sanju is glad to get boys’ attention by flaunting her beauty. Sanju and Antara visit the market to get the items.

Kalawati comes home and calls someone. Antara and Sanju come home with the items Kalawati wanted. Sanju guesses Suman failed in exam. Antara tells Suman has worked hard. Suman asks Kalawati to beat her, but not get annoyed. Kalawati takes her outside. Everyone guess that Suman did not pass in the exam. Neighborhood ladies taunt Kalawati. Kalawati announces that Suman passed in the exam and fulfilled her dreams. Kalawati tells about her childhood friend Sindhura.

Sindhura is seen praying at temple. Pandit gives a thread for Ranveer. Sindhura gives money to beggars at the temple. A man praises Ranveer for being helpful. Ranveer is with his cousins. Sanju sees him. A man asks Ranveer will he not attend Tulsi Vivaah. Ranveer tells his cousins that he has come to Indore from Delhi, but he doesn’t wish to leave from here. Sindhura finds out if Ranveer called. She scolds the careless servants and fires them. Her husband Akash asks the servants not to go anywhere. He asks her not to make everyone away from her life. She is worried as Ranveer did not inform her and went somewhere.

Ranveer dances with Suman’s son Veer and his friends. Kalawati asks who is this guy dancing like a kid. Suman smiles seeing Veer happy. She wishes Veer always stay happy. Ranveer bonds with Veer. Antara sees Suman’s scholarship result and thinks to tell the result. Few ladies ask Ranveer’s cousin to make prasad reach the temple. Kalawati asks the lady not to worry, Sindhura will send the puja plate on time. Kalawati asks her to welcome guests. Sanju tells Kalawati that Suman’s scholarship got rejected, and now Suman needs 2 lakhs to pay fees.

Suman apologizes to Kalawati. Kalawati scolds Sanju and Antara for putting all the work on Suman, who lost scholarship because of house duties. Suman asks Kalawati not to break FD and she will arrange the fees herself. Ranveer loses his phone which falls in flower basket. Ranveer calls on number. Suman drops the flower basket and finds the phone. Suman asks the guests if the phone belongs to them. Kalawati calls Suman. Puja plate from Sindhura’s house comes. Pandit starts the puja. Ranveer leaves from there.

Ranveer and his cousins reach Dadi’s home and are seen bonding with Dadi, by doing her favorite heroes’ mimicry. Ranveer gets a sugar free cake for Dadi. Ranveer gets a surprise on meeting Badi Maa. Suman rushes to mandap knowing about fire. She puts water on the fire with Sanju and Antara’s help. Mata’s chunri falls on three of them. A lady tells Kalawati that her daughters will get married soon. She asks her doubt about Suman’s remarriage. Kalawati tells them that Suman is her son’s widow. Lady asks Kalawati why can’t she let Suman remarry when she can educate Suman. Kalawati does not agree for Suman’s remarriage. Kalawati worries for arranging Suman’s fees.

Suman asks her not to worry, Lord will help them. Suman thinks to sell off jewelry. Sanju and Antara feel Suman should do MBA, as their problems will end by it. Sanju finds Ranveer’s phone. Ranveer celebrates Dadi’s birthday and dances with Badi Maa and Dadi. Suman tells Kalawati that she will sell her jewelry and arrange fees. Suman wants to arrange all her fees on her own and calculates the shortage. Antara feels bad for Suman. Ranveer’s Tau ji asks Ranveer why does he want to study in Delhi. Ranveer tells he wanted to please Dadi and came here, but he won’t trouble his parents now. Tau ji tells Ranveer got admission in college here. Ranveer tells he will go back Delhi as he did not come here to complete education. Tau ji asks him not to refuse. Sanju suggests they should sell the phone they got.

Sindhura and Akash visit Mittal house. She talks to her sister in laws. Ranveer joins them. He apologizes to Sindhura for not informing her and coming to meet Dadi. Tau ji is annoyed that first Akash left home and now Ranveer is following him. Tau ji tells them that he got Ranveer’s admission done in Indore’s college. Sindhura tells its opportunity to move on in life, its nothing wrong. Tau ji disagrees with her. Suman is tired of work, and tells Antara that this tiredness has happiness, she will get all fees arranged soon and give to Kalawati.

Antara tries telling Suman about Sanju’s crush. Sanju stops Antara. Suman asks them what is it. Antara tells Sanju liked one of the three boys who came in tulsi puja, she wants to visit Mittal house to meet that guy. Ranveer tells his cousins that he can’t compromise with life and is not scared of anyone. He tells its better to not lie and do what they want by telling elders, its good if they accept his decision heartily. Sanju gets ready to meet her superman. She plans to return the phone. Suman does not ask Antara and Sanju to come along. Sanju convinces Kalawati to send them with Suman. Suman, Antara and Sanju reach Mittal house. Suman feels some connection with Mittals.

Our Take:

The show looked promising by the promos. Promo stated about Suman’s two mothers in law and relations changing definition. The show lacks charm. There is not much uniqueness and beauty expected in the concept. Characterizations are commonly ordinary. Nothing striking in terms of concept, characterizations and visuals. Its an old sobbing story seen repeated times on small screen. The show fell flat by the initial episodes. The lead actors Sonali and Abhishek did not have any scenes to get their chemistry evaluated. Actors are just moderately okay. The story does not have anything surprising to challenge their acting skills.

Himani Shivpuri and Tassnim Sheikh play the two mothers in law. Suman’s Saas #1 Kalawati is orthodox and yet appears modern. She is broad minded enough to educate her widow daughter in law, but does not want to get her remarried. Suman eventually gets married to Ranveer. Suman’s Saas #2 Sindhura holds tons of attitude attained by richness. Things don’t seem to be simple for Suman. Widow remarriage concept got missing in the jumbled story. Nothing stands out apart from few comical moments.


It’s just a regular Saas-bahu show, which viewers would have seen ages before. And Tv’s attempt doesn’t turn surprising. Viewers can just like lead characters of Suman and Ranveer, and expect some decent chemistry between them. One can expect the show to catch up with time.

Our Rating:

1.5 out of 5

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