Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 9th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 9th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Lady tells Kalavathi that god gave indication that Suman will also marry with Antara and Sanju. Kalavathi scolds what rubbish is this, Suman is her son’s widow. Lady says when she can let Suman study, why can’t she let her remarry. Kalavathi says in their community, nobody will remarry and walks out from there.

Antara and Sanju give Kalavathi BP medicine and asks her to relax. Kalavathi shouts to shut up, how will they arrange 2 lakhs for Suman’s MBA admission. Suman asks not to worry, when god gave indicatio of Anatara and Sanju’s marriage, he will help them with money. Kalavathi says only god knows and leaves. Suman reminisces her mother telling to use jewelry when in need and walks smiling. Antara asks what happened to her. Sanju sees Ranveer’s mobile in Antara and

takes it, says don’t know whose phone is it.

Ranveer dances with his cousins and aunts and celebrates daadi’s birthday. Uncle comes and shouts what is this. Daadi warns not to scold her or her grandsons, they came here to celebrate his birthday and not like him who forgot her birthday. He kneels down and gives her gift. Daadi gets very happy.

Suman goes out and touches Kalavathi’s feet and says she arranged fees money. Kalavathi asks how. Suman says she will sell her jewelry and gives all her jewelry. Antara looks tensed. Kalavthi asks Sanju to get book to calculate and asks where are her rings. Suman says in cupboard. Suman sees Antara tensed and asks not to worry, she is arranging money. Kalavathi says still 25-30,000 rs need to be arranged, she told her to mortgage house, but Suman is very self-reliant. Suman says she wants to fulfill her promise made and wants to study on her own. Kalavathi walks in. Suman continue checking calculation. Antara says let us go in and sleep. Suman says she has to calculate. She will have to do so many facials and coloring in beauty parlor. Sanju asks whose phone was it. Suman says she found it in flower box.

Ranveer’s uncle asks why he wants to study in Delhi instead of Indore. Ranveer says big companies make campus selection in Delhi, which won’t happen in Indore. Uncle says his father did same and went to Delhi even after warning, he will not let Ranveer do same.

Sanju looks at Ranveer’s phone and tells Antara that it is worth 80,000 rs and must be of the bikers as their area boys are broke, she will return mobile and lure the boy. Antara says she cannot understand it and looks at pics in mobile and finds bike number, says this bike number will take her to her hero.

Sindhoora gets out of car and walks into Mittal house. Someone shouts to stop.

Veer gives fake bangles to Suman and says he cannot see her bare handed and asked aunt to bring it. Suman gets emotional. In the morning, Suman gets engrasped in thought in kitchen and milk spills. Antara asks her to go out, else maa will scold her. Kalavathi enters and scolds that Antara wasted 50 rs worth milk. Suman says she spilled it by mistake. Kalavathi brings grocery shop boy along with grocery and yells at him to drop bag on her head. He keeps bag. Suman tries to give him tips, but Kalavathi stops and scolds boy. Boy leaves yelling. Antara asks her why she brings bagful of potatoes. Kalavathi says she get it very cheap in wholesale. Suman gets an idea to buy vegetables in wholesale and sell them in retail and touches Kalavathi’s feet. Kalavathi says she touched her feet in the morning. Suman says she touched her MIL’s feet in the morning and now her teacher’s feet and asks to bless her.

Precap: Suman calls Ranveer’s house landline. Ranveer picks it. He tells Sindhoora that he has decided to study MBA in Indore’s MSI college. Kalavathi asks Suman to pay fees tomorrow and not return empty handed.

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  1. Hi, Why widow woman can’t marry second time. she has all rights to do any thing for herself, these all are superstitious beliefs, we do not follow all these rubbish.

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