Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 8th May 2017 Written Episode Update

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Manan asks Contractor to tell why did he shoot at his brother? Sindhoora asks him to go and call Bade Papa. Manan asks her to be alert and goes. Sindhoora asks Chaman to go and bandage his bleeding head. He says ok and goes. Sindhoora looks at Contractor. Doctor checks Sonali and says she will be alright in sometime. You did right by tying cloth on her hand. Bade papa and badi maa ask Ranveer about her. He tells she is Sonali, we have studied together. Suman thinks he didn’t tell me and thinks she can’t doubt on him.

Bade Papa says she can stay here until she recovers. Manan comes and asks Bade Papa, Brijesh and Akash to come as they have caught the goon. They go there and see Sindhoora fallen and unconscious on the ground. Ranveer sprinkles water on her face and makes her gain

consciousness. Manan asks where is that man? Sindhoora says he ran away.

Manan scolds Chaman for going. Sindhoora says he was bleeding and I asked him to go and apply bandage. Ranveer says you were here, so how did he run away. She recalls pointing gun at him. Contractor asks her to shoot and says if your family come here then. Sindhoora asks him not to joke with her and asks him to escape fast. Contractor says you are freeing your life. Sindhoora says I can prove myself innocent with my acting and asks him to leave immediately. She says your life will not be more than 5 lakhs and says she is closing the account freeing him from here and hits herself with gun and falls down. Fb ends.

She tells Ranveer that he didn’t escape because of me, but because of Manan’s mistake. She says they have tied him with single rope. I pointed gun at him, but he overpowered me and hit gun on my forehead and eloped. Akash is concerned for her. Sindhoora acts and says that goon would have shot me also. Ranveer says I was the target.

Sonali gets conscious. Suman asks her to rest and says you are his friend naa. Sonali says you danced well with him. Suman says I didn’t know that he has a good friend who protected him and took bullet on herself. Sonali says who told that I am his friend and says I am his….Ranveer comes and says best friend. He thinks he wants to tell his life truth to Suman, and asks Sonali to talk less and take rest. Suman asks him to rest. Sonali asks them to stay back. Ranveer says I will get injection for your sleep. Suman asks her to sleep. Ranveer asks Suman to come. Suman asks Ranveer about the goon. Ranveer says he escaped.

Nupur comes to him and says she wants to talk to him. Sumann and Antara go. Nupur seems to be tensed and tells that she didn’t get any chance to speak to him. She tells that Sindhoora was talking about 5 Lakhs rupees, and says I have locker keys and asks him to find out the truth. Sindhoora looks angrily. Bade papa asks Kalavati, Sindhoora and others to tell their opinion. He says he wants to file police complaint.

Akash says they shall make a formal complaint and says now we have sharper’s gun with us. Sindhoora thinks how to stop him. Suman says she wants to say something and says whoever is doing this is someone from this family. Everyone is shocked. Ranveer looks at Sindhoora.

Ranveer tells what is happening is with Suman and me and that means.

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  1. Hi
    Guys you have noticed who cut the sandals of suman is left handed person,if sonali is left hand then she is culprit I think

    1. Summer

      Hi Ritika,

      Have to say, didn’t pick up on that, well observed! 🙂 However, did notice it was elongated and feminine shape hands.


    Too much slow.. aisi kun si shadi hoti hai jo april me fix ho or may me bhi ab tk chal rehi ho..
    And suman and ranveer are so stupid, who is falling in trap of sonali.

  3. Please complete the update soon.

  4. Hey guys could anyone tell me from where to download the title track of ek vivah aisa bhi serial “chal chal mere yaara yeh naseebon ka pitara”

  5. How can Sonali think she separate sumveer.She is so cheap.
    Ranveer wants to marry only Suman and he forget his past.
    I wish Sonali character end soon.
    And last I wish marriage happens soon and complete in next 2 week

  6. When Ranveer tells his past and relation with sonali to Suman ,because it create misunderstanding between sumveer.
    But it’s interesting to see Ranveer and Manan dressed as women which we will see in haldi ceremony . when will this episode come.I eagerly waiting for this episode.

  7. Summer

    Hi Shraddha and Everyone,

    Storyline is getting good. Looking forward to the culprit being exposed. When Suman was against the idea of contacting the police, Sanjana looked guilty. That could be a too obvious culprit…I’m thinking could it really be Antara? Could she be the dark horse? But i can’t think of a reason why she would have ill feelings towards Suman. What do you you think guys?

  8. I don’t think culprit is Antara.Because she is happy with sumveer marriage.
    I think culprit is Sanjana or Sonali
    What’s sonali next plan for staying in Mittal family.
    I think sindoora and Sonali joins hand to separate Suman and Ranveer.
    From serial promo it’s clear Ranveer gets married to Suman not Sonali,because suman handle two mother-in-law
    If Sumveer marriage is not happened,how Suman handle two mother-in-law .It’s make no sense
    I know that Ranveer marriage happen with Suman not cheap Sonali.

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