Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 8th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 8th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Suman sadly looks at her husband’s photo and reminisces telling Kalavathi that tulsi maa will help her gather 2 lakhs. Veer enters and asks why is she crying. She says she is remembering his papa. He says papa’s son is with her and if daadi sees, she will scold him. He blesses her as Vishnu god and says let us meet Krish/Ranveer uncle, she will like him.

Ranveer with friends leaves Suman’s house on his bike, but stop midway realizing he left his phone somewhere. He calls number from friend’s mobile, reaches back Suman’s house and searches again. Phone is in flower tokri. Suman picks tokri and walks. Ranveer standing nearby continues calling on mobile. A lady clashes with her and flower tokri falls down. Ranveer’s Cousin asks if he found mobile. Ranveer says no.

Cousin says in this crowd and sound, he may not. Suman puts flowers back in tokri and finds mobile. She asks lady if it is her phone. Lady says no. She asks passing by man and even he says no. Kalavathi calls her and she walks in. Kalavathi asks if she is angry that she cannot arrange 2 lakhs. Sari and jewelry for pooja comes from Sindhoora’s house. Panditji starts Pooja.

Ranveer and his cousins enter Daadi’s room wearing Raj Kapoor, Dev Anand, and Rajendra Kumar’s masks and mimic as them in front of Dadi. They give her gifts and she gets very happy. She says they are all in heaven, if she also is in heaven without fulfilling her last wish. They say how can she die and remove their masks. She says she tricked to catch them red handed. They say surprise is still awaiting and takes her on wheelchair to living room and show cake. Daadi gets very happy seeing choc cake. Ranveer’s badi maa comes and holds his eyes from behind. He renders a lengthy dialogue praising her qualities and says she is badi maa. She asks why did he come without informing Sindhoora, she is very angry. She warns daadi not to eat sugar cake and scolds youngsters. Ranbeer says it is sugarless cake. She says then she can have it. Daadi happily is about to cut cake when his aunt comes holding board and signals daadi that panditji told not to eat cake till 12 noon tomorrow. Drama starts… Ranveer tells he is coming fromm god’s vivah/marriage.

Suman is busy in tulsi vivah when someone tells fire broke out in mantap. She runs and tries to set off fire with Sanju and Antara. God’s chunri falls on them. Panditji says Kalavthi says it is a good news from mataji that her daughter’s marriage will happen soon. A lady congratulates Kalavathi to start marriage arrangements and asks panditji if Suman will also remarry. Suman reminisces a lady telling that she has fate of 14 pheras and 2 marriages.

No precap.

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