Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 7th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Akash apologizes to Dadi on Sindhoora’s behalf and says they will convince her. Ranveer says mom loves me very much and it is difficult for her to accept Suman as she is a widow and have a 5 years old son, and says he will convince her. Dadi asks him to smile and says I want to see you smiling always.

Manan congratulates Ranveer. Badi Maa congratulates him. Bhai Saheb tells Ranveer that he is proud of him to chose Suman. Sahil thinks how to get rid of Sanjana now. Nupur thinks now Sahil have to marry Sanjana and I have to smile. Kalavati apologizes to her dead son’s pic and says she agreed due to helplessness. She says how long I would have lived. Suman comes. Kalavati apologizes to her and says I don’t have strength to see my daughter’s death in this age.

Suman says I am

your daughter too and says you have the right to decide about my future. Kalavati thanks her and asks her to do favor on her and agree for this marriage. Suman says how can I do favor on you and says my everything is because of you. I didn’t know what to do after Ravi died, and all my dreams were gone. You gave me love and strength, never made me feel that I am an orphan, you gave me strength, inspiration etc…and says you have the right to decide about my life, and I will accept it happily with my heart. Kalavati gets emotional.

She tells her neighbors that she is getting Suman married along with Sanjana and Antara and asks them to go. Suman is sad. Kalavati asks them to go. Veer hears her and asks Suman about its meaning. Antara tells that she is marrying along with us. Veer gets happy and asks if she will wear red saree. Antara says yes. Kalavati tells neighbors that Ranveer’s alliance came for Suman and says she is busy and have to do arrangements. Neighbor asks her to give them sweets. Kalavati asks Antara to bring sweets.

Suman thinks about Dadi’s proposal. Veer comes and says he is missing her. Suman says I am right infront of you. Veer says I will miss you once you get married. Suman is shocked. Veer says I thought about it and got sad. Suman says you told you that I will leave you. Veer asks you mean I will stay with you and krish uncle and gets happy. He tells that Krish uncle told him that they will stay together. He says we will take Dadi also else she will be alone here. Suman gets emotional. Veer says you will be going to miss this house, now we will stay in Krish’s big house. He prays to God, not to make his mum cry again and hugs her.

Suman makes Antara ready. Kalavati asks them to get ready fast. She gets Dadi’s call and says we will be reaching there soon, and tells them that Ranveer is coming to take them for engagement. Sanjana thanks God and says else we would have to take rickshaw and ruin our make up. Veer asks Dadi what his mum will wear? Dadi says your mum will also get ready. Ranveer comes. Veer greets him. Ranveer asks how are you? He greets Kalavati and gives her sweets. He tells that Dadi asked him to pick everyone. Suman and Antara goes.

Sanjana tells Kalavati that she will give her dress to Suman as she is not having colorful dress. Kalavati says okay. Sanjana goes. She apologizes to Ranveer for slapping him the other day. Sanjana asks Kalavati to give jewellery and asks Veer to give clothes to Suman. Veer tells it is heavy and asks Ranveer to give clothes to Suman. Ranveer comes to Suman and tells Sanjana kept it for her. Suman takes the clothes. Ek tara song plays.

Veer says my mum will wear colorful dress, she wears boring clothes. Ranveer promises him that she will not wear boring sarees. He takes out clothes from her wardrobe. Suman asks what you are doing? Ranveer asks her to let her do what he is doing? She goes following him. Ranveer goes out and burns the sarees. Suman is shocked and asks what is happening. Ranveer says you will not wear colorless sarees from now onwards. Veer gets happy. Kalavati comes and asks about the fire. Veer tells that Krish uncle have burnt colorless sarees of maa. Sanjana says she will wear clothes like us. Kalavati says but. Sanjana says today Ranveer will be engaging to her. Ranveer says sure, and says Suman will have happiness colors in her life.

Sanjana and Antara makes Suman ready and do her make up. Ranveer is pleasantly surprised to see her ready as a bride in red color dress with make up.

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    Suman plzzzzz open your eyes both ways… just don’t act as puppet of kalavati and sanjana and recognise love of ranveer…
    Interesting show…

  2. loving the show.. Ranveer and Suman are nice couple.. excited to see suman in engagement dress…

    1. Happy u commented keep commenting

  3. epi was superb just feeling bad for ranveer when he will know that the base of his marriage is a misunderstanding

  4. Hi Everyone,

    Although Suman and Ranveer marrige starts as a misunderstanding, i think Suman will eventually develop feelings for Ranveer, especially seeing how he gets on with her Son. I find Sanjana character shallow and cheap.

    1. Agreed to your both opinions have a good Sunday

  5. Di my deadly paper is over Insha’Allah I will not die feeling relax as now 2 r left one is my love and 2nd is my friend Di I was very sad even weeping in day time because my fatherscold me that I don’t wore girls type bot while going to exam centre and wore a pent under my gaon I don’t understand what is bad in it if no body watched me in that pent but only an old man who were the age of my father just leave it tell me about ur siblings what ur big bro does do u have a bhabhi and niece and what the little does is the little bro or sis and r u the mid of it 1 big 1 small and between this my bestest Di am I right and y don’t u talk about it
    Desperately missing our family Di did u remember that girl who was almost ur age fellow and her bro has a baby then her bhabhi left and she decided to brought up her niece

  6. Nandana must check here Did u know where Naren or Rufina or Shai or Harshan Bhai or any other member of our family is? Plz must reply

  7. ranveer and suman are very very good couple .suman should also love ranveer. very nice episode

    1. Happy u commented keep commenting

  8. It seems as if my Di is very busy ok Di WAITING FOR YOU ALWAYS

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