Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 6th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dadi tells Kalavati that she came to ask Suman’s hand for Ranveer. She says she knows Suman’s past and wants to make her Ranveer’s future. She says I will not care of the world if you agree, and says she will be proud to have sanskari girl like Suman as their bahu. Suman looks on tensed. Kalavati says but…..Dadi says even if you refuse, I will not ask for a reason and asks her to think about kids’ happiness.

Kalavati thinks about Sanjana committing suicide and asking Suman to marry Ranveer, thinks about her conversation with Suman. Dadi asks what did you decided? Kalavati looks on tensed. Sanjana thinks say yes Maasaa. Kalavati folds her hands and accepts the alliance. Suman is shocked. Ranveer looks at Suman. Dadi smiles. Sanjana and Antara smiles. Suman drops the tray from her

hand in shock.

Antara recalls chunari falling on Suman’s head and thanks God. Dadi asks Suman if she has any objection to marry Ranveer. Suman is about to say. Kalavati says what she will say and says she is in shock. She tells that she is her everything after her marriage. She asks Suman to say for Dadi’s satisfaction. Suman recalls her conversation with Kalavati. Kalavati asks her to say yes. Suman says yes.

Kalavati calls Sanjana and Antara and asks them to greet Dadi. Dadi asks them to congratulate Suman. They wish Suman. Suman is in shock. Dadi thanks Kalavati. Ranveer tells Kalavati that he wants to talk to her alone. Kalavati says why not and asks Suman to go. Suman goes out. Dadi congratulates Ranveer. Suman thinks why she is in confusion and she don’t want to marry and Maasa agreed. She asks God to show way.

Ranveer comes and says you refuses for marriage every time, and I try to convince you. He tells that Dadi brought him here and tells that he is happy that she agreed. He asks why she is looking worried, if she said yes for Kalavati. Suman thinks she is not ready for marriage, what she shall do? Ranveer asks do want to marry me. Suman says no.

Ranveer says this means you don’t want to marry me. Sanjana hears her and tells Ranveer that Suman means that she don’t want to mean that and she wants to marry him. Sanjana asks Suman to let her talk to him. She says Suman thinks if you marries her then it will be injustice with you, as she is a widow and a mum. Suman thinks if she wants me to marry him. Sanjana says even if she agrees, but your mum will not accept you.

She tells Suman that Ranveer will handle and hugs her. She whispers in her ears that she will die if she don’t marry Sahil. Suman keeps quiet hearing this and recalls Kalavati threatening her.

Ranveer tells that he will convince his mum and that he don’t care about her past nor his family. Sanjana asks her to smile, atleast for her. Suman smiles. Sanjana congratulates Ranveer. Suman thinks whatever will happen in my life, I will think it as my destiny and Maasa’s decision.

Dadi and Ranveer comes home. Dadi informs everyone and tells that her last wish will be fulfilled. Nupur asks if Ranveer agreed for his marriage with Niharika. Dadi says no and tells that Kalavati agreed for Suman and Ranveer’s marriage.

Sindhoora gets shocked and refuses to accept Suman as her bahu. Bhai Saheb tells that his mum have taken a decision. Akash asks her to think again. Sindhoora says I never asked you to help me. She tells Ranveer that he has to break his relation with her before marrying Suman. She asks do you want your mum or Suman. Ranveer says I need mother, but with Suman. Sindhoora is upset. Akash tries talking to her, but she goes.

Kalavati asks Suman to agree for marriage and do favor on her. Suman says you have the right to take decisions of my life and accepts it happily. Ranveer gives shagun to Suman. Later he burns her old clothes.

Update Credit to: MA

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    I feel like I should kill Kalavati and Sanjana….?????? they are using Suman for their benfitt only, they have made suman a puppet who dance on their tone…. and ranveer, plzzz clear letter misunderstanding…

    1. I think it will not before marriage


      This misunderstandin will be cleared on suhagraat or afterwards.. and will drag atleast a week on this

  2. I’m enjoying this show

    1. Happy you commented keep commenting

  3. Oh nice, this show is going good, but ranveer should know the truth that suman agreed to marry him only because of masa, and he needs to know truth before marriage itself

    1. Agreed but it will not happen
      Happy you commented keep commenting

  4. Di it is killing me

    1. Kathy

      What ??? Education ….

      1. U guessed y I want to make it a joke I want to tell u something

      2. Di u guessed y I want to make it a joke I want to tell you something

      3. Di u guessed I want to make it a joke I want to tell you something

      4. Comment the same thrice but I thought it was not start moderate so…

      5. Kathy

        Yes go ahead…

  5. I left a reply for u on 5 April page add 2 more in it eating lollipop as I am doing now and playing with balloon but when I want to now tell me r u the only baby of ur mother I had 4 more orders for you make me remember that

    1. Kathy

      Ha ha ha… These are the signs… ” you haven’t grown up yet my little one”???

    2. Kathy

      I have two siblings dear… Elder brother n younger one…

  6. Di Nandana has updated 53rd epi of her ff My Love Is Only For U(MATSH)

    1. Kathy

      Really… I know she is continuing her FF but never able to comment dear… Hardly I spare time for u… Sometimes I chat with her through private messages…

  7. Lollipop is in strawberry flavour but going to finish tell me English word for choosna try to understand what I write in urdu

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      Choosna means to draw in right or suck ….

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  8. Nandana

    Hi guyS …….. I am new here …….. Can i be here ?

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