Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 5th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 5th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Badi Maa reads Ramayan. Dadi says they feel peace hearing it and says if everyone is like God Ram, then this world will be good. Suman asks if she is fulfilling her dharm. Dadi says you are doing your dharm well. Suman says I have two sasural and have to fulfill both families responsibilities and complete her duties. Badi Maa asks what does she mean? Suman tells them that Kalavati is alone now after she got married and handling house and Veer also. She asks Dadi to permit her to fulfill both house duties. Dadi asks if you can manage two houses. Suman gets thinking. Dadi says if you say yes, then it is yes from my side. Suman thanks and hugs her. Kalavati washes the utensils and cleans the washbasin floor. She then thinks why her hand is looking thin. Veer comes and tells her that sauce fell down

from his hand. Kalavati says she cleaned house 6 times. She comes out and sees the toys messed up. Veer says Maa never scolds me. Kalavati says she will clean and asks him to do homework. She cleans the floor and gets tired. Veer comes out and tells Kalavati that he has done homework and will do next book homework and asks her to make something.

Kalavati makes noodles for him. He eats it and some of the noodles fall down. Kalavati imagines talking to her soul and thinking she has become servant. She thinks she shall do something so that she can get a chance to stay in Mittal Sadan. She thinks Veer is the key to enter there and she has to do a good planning. Suman wakes up at 4 am. Ranveer also wakes up hearing alarm, but pretends to asleep. He then sleeps again. Suman prays to God and says her life’s new chapter is beginning now and needs his blessings so that she can fulfill her responsibilities towards both families well. She then makes food in the kitchen and looks at watch as the clock strike 5 am.

Manan admires Antara while she is sleeping. Antara wakes up. Manan says good morning and says she looks innocent and asks her to sleep again. Antara says she don’t want to waste this moment. Manan says they shall go on a long drive. Sahil thinks Sanjana is a make up shop and makes moustaches with a mole with kajal pencil. She wakes up and thinks he was getting closer to her. She asks him to bring coffee for her. He asks her to make coffee and offers to give gift. She agrees and goes. Nupur and Brijesh see her having kajal moustaches and laughs. Nupur asks her to wipe her face. Sanjana says ok and thinks they are talking about make up. Chaman kaka and badi maa also laugh. Sanjana says it is fashion now.

Suman makes chart on board about her planning to manage two houses. Ranveer gets up and says she has to handle her husband also. He asks if she is a super woman. Suman says she is a management student and knows time management.

Ranveer says we will start with husband’s section and asks her to bring tea for him. He then asks her to bring coffee. Suman brings coffee. Ranveer asks her to make breakfast. Suman says it is ready. Ranveer asks her to give his shirt. Suman says even it is ready. She slips and falls in his embrace.

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