Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 5th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 5th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Bhai Saheb tells Suhasini that he got cash from the bank for the marriage through Brijesh. Suhasini says marriage is near. Nupur says how can marriage happen until Ranveer agrees for marriage. She says we have to delay the marriage. Sindhoora comes and says there is a good news. She tells that Suman came yesterday and refused for marriage. She says we shall make arrangements for Sahil and Manan’s wedding and asks them to taste the sweets. She asks shall I order this for the wedding. Sahil says we will not order sweets until Ranveer agrees for marriage. Bhai saheb asks how can we force Suman for marriage. Sahil says just as I was forced and getting married. Sindhoora asks why Ranveer’s marriage is related to your marriage.

Sahil says Dadi wants them to marry altogether and says you are

not agreeing as you don’t like Suman. He asks Manan to say something. Manan says he agrees with Sahil. Sahil says if Ranveer is marrying then only we will marry. Nupur tells that Sahil loves Ranveer and that’s why said this.

Manan thinks his marriage might stop because of Ranveer and Sahil and calls Antara. He tells her what Sahil told everything and says I love you. Antara says I love you too. Antara thinks Sanjana is very happy and gets worried. She tells Sanjana and kalavati. Sanjana blames Suman. Antara asks why you are blaming her. Sanjana blames her. Kalavati tells her that Suman did so much for you and is now teaching you how to cook food. Sanjana says that’s right, but now Suman have to marry Ranveer for me. She goes.

Sanjana calls Sindhoora and asks if there is any problem at house as Suman refused Ranveer. Sindhoora says no. Sanjana tells what Manan said to Antara. Sindhoora tells that Devraj mittal will get you both married as respect is everything for him. She asks her not to take any wrong step and ends the call. Sanjana thinks Sahil wants to get rid of her and thinks she is stubborn to get him. Ranveer tells Manan that Suman loves him, but refused for marriage because of Kalavati. He says he heard them talking. Manan says if Kalavati is convinced then Suman will agree. He says he don’t want to take any wrong step to upset Suman.

Sanjana consumes poison and says I don’t accept your refusal Sahil. Suman comes to her room and asks her to wake up, says I brought milk for you. She turns her towards her and is shocked. She calls Maasa….She says see what happened to Sanju. Kalavati sees sleeping pills bottle and says what you have done. Antara says phone is not connecting. Suman tries to make her get consciousness. They make her vomit the poison. Sanjana asks them to go out. Kalavati gets worried.

Sanjana comes out of bathroom and says I want to die, if Sahil don’t want to marry me. Kalavati slaps her and says you will marry him only. Sanjana says he will not marry as Bhabhisaa is not marrying Ranveer. She says if Sahil don’t marry me then who will marry me, and cries. Suman brings water. Sanjana asks her to add poison in it and says what I will do without marriage, and asks her to agree for marrying Ranveer, else Sahil will not marry her. Suman is shocked. Sanjana cries hugging kalavati. Kalavati is tensed.

Dadi comes to Ranveer’s room and wakes him up. Ranveer says you came to wake me up. Dadi asks him to get ready in 15 mins else she will go alone. Ranveer asks but where we are going? Suman thinks about Sanjana’s words, thinks I want your happiness, but I can’t marry Ranveer. She gives tea to Kalavati. Kalavati says biscuit….Suman says do you want to eat something, I will bring. Kalavati asks her to sit and says whatever Sanjana told yesterday. Suman says I forgot that yesterday itself. Kalavati says you know what is the difference between a mum and saas. She says saas wins from her bahu, but a mum loses infront of her daughter. She says she has lost.

Suman asks her why she is talking like that. Kalavati asks you trust me, will you agree to my decision. Suman says yes. Dadi comes there with Ranveer. Ranveer tells Dadi that he will wait outside. Dadi asks him to wait there itself. Kalavati thinks you came here to call off Sanjana and Sahil’s marriage. Sanjana tells Antara that they came to cancel her marriage. Kalavati asks why did you come? Dadi says she came to ask Suman’s hand for Ranveer. Suman looks shocked. Kalavati is shocked too.

Dadi asks Kalavati, what is her decision. Kalavati agrees. Suman is shocked. Sindhoora asks Ranveer to break his relation with her if he wants to marry Suman.

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    How cruel sindhoora, kalavati and sanjana are??????
    One side kalavati do not want suman to remarry as she is widow and on other side she is ready due to sanjana made her scare by doing sucide drama… ??????
    Poor suman and ranveer…

    1. for their marriage these misunderstandings and scaring/blackmailing is required

  2. Ewwww Sanjana is so desperate to get married to a guy who dont even wanna see her. ??????

    1. happy u commented keep commenting

  3. Kathy

    Ooshi dear… Wish u all the very best for the exams…. Do well my dear…

    1. thank u Di i know that u will wish me my paper was good now it’s turn of my death mean the killer subject how was ur day Di

      1. i am taking my thank u back instead of it i am happy that u wished me

      2. Kathy

        Ha ha ha..???tomorrow it’s ur Education paper right… am sure u will do that paper well too…

  4. Too cruel women in the show.

    Dear Ooshi all the best for your exams, take care.

    1. happy u wished me today’s paper was good now it’s turn to die mean killer sbjct is the next

  5. y misunderstanding is essential for this marriage what will happen when ranveer got to know that she really don’t loves her feeling bad for him he is in love with her

  6. Hi Shraddha, Aisha & Friends,

    Yes, too right! Kalavati was very quick to agree with the alliance. I feel sorry for the groom to be to be marrying Sanjana. I can see her colluding with Sindhoora to give problems for Suman. Very shallow indeed, whilst her sister is a much nicer person.
    p.s Goodluck with your exams Ooshi 🙂

    1. thank u keep commenting

  7. Di just before some seconds I welcomed a person to mehrya family because that one comment 2 to 3 times on 5 april’s page although I am not a main member of that family but welcome him/her don’t know because he/she will be waiting for the reply and in reply I wrote every one is welcomed here without any restriction but if it would be our family the reply would be different as u know their were some restrictions/ instructions in our family which were decided by me do u remember missing our family very much u can’t believe but in this instant I am weeping

    1. Kathy

      Oh my dear… Don’t worry we will meet our family again in the same VK page …

      1. INSHA ALLAH

  8. Miss u family members Di did u heard song of movie footpath 2002 song name is ab smjh as ya k dunya kya hai
    It’s lyrics are
    Dost milte hain bicharne k lie
    Phool khilte hain bikharne k lie
    Aashyan bnte ujarne k lie
    Ab smjh aa ya k dunya kya hai
    Must heard it

    1. Kathy

      Yes I have heard it..: nice song… Hmm situation song ..?

      1. it’s my characteristic i mean it usually happens with me

      2. Kathy

        Nothing is permanent in this world dear…?

      3. What does it mean I really don’t understand it I want to say here I want to be like that always although I want to improve myself but with my these characteristics and other like put hand out of the car while car has been drove and I would like to do it while car would be at
        fast speed I had one other wish which can’t be filled have a bike ride in boy style means on both sides and many other mad doings

  9. Kathy

    السَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُمْ‎‎ …. Ooshi dear… U have a very good day ahead… Keep smiling .. Always my little pari …?????

    1. Wa Alaikum As Salam Di u too keep smiling Always

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