Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 4th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 4th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Suman promises Kalavati. Kalavati asks her to make her daughters get respect in this house. Suman nods. Kalavati goes. Sanjana brings juice for Dadi. Sindhoora thinks to give dose to her so that she will hear her more than Nupur. Kalavati comes there. Dadi asks her to sit. Sindhoora thinks she must be wanting to go. Kalavati is upset. Bade Maa thanks Kalavati for coming. Kalavati asks Veer to come. Veer hugs Suman and says he don’t want to go. Suman also cries and asks him to go, says she will come and take him back. Ranveer ignores them. Kalavati hugs her daughters and asks Veer to come. Suman cries.

Kalavati thinks you have to handle my daughters and thinks once she comes back here, then she will rule with her daughter. Veer looks at Suman and goes. Suman goes to room and cries for Veer.

She asks God to either give her son or give her strength to control her motherly love. She thinks she can’t stay here and packs her bag. She is about to leave and then recalls Kalavati taking her promise. She sits on bed and cries thinks she can’t break promise made to Kalavati. She thinks Maasaa has done so much for me, I can’t break her hopes. She thinks although her husband don’t need her, and her mum in law taunts her. She thinks to stay back for Kalavati and her promise.

Ranveer comes to room and asks if she is still here and why she is unpacking the suitcase. Suman says she is not leaving and says this house is mine too, as I have taken 7 rounds with you, and this is my house also. She says it is easy to ask me to go, and says she didn’t forget that she has taken seven rounds with him. She says it was not easy for her to marry him, and says she didn’t wish to remarry, but you had convinced me and assured that there can be a new start in life. She says she don’t want to break the vows taken with him. She says I was holding Veer during our marriage as I want him to be part of our lives. Ranveer says I just want him to be away for few time. Suman says she will not break even if he breaks into thousand pieces. She says she will do all her duties towards her son and sasural. She says she is management student and will join these two homes, and says this is my challenge. Ranveer smiles.

Suman asks what do you think that this is a joke. Suman says I accept it as a challenge, and will prove myself. She says you said that one shall get inspiration from me and your trust will make me succeed. She goes out of room.

Sindhoora calls her and asks if she didn’t go until now. She says I would have gone if I was on you place. She asks why did she break her self confidence. Suman says she didn’t steal that necklace and that’s why will not go. . she says this is her house and she will die here.. She says she will try to become adarsh bahu and will need her blessings. Sindooora moves back as she bends down and touches her feet. Suman says she will win in this fight and goes. Sindhoora thinks she wil not leave and challenged me. She thinks to break her anyways and will make her go soon.

Suman asks Dadi if she is following her dharm. Dadi says yes. Suman says she wants to do both her families duties and needs her permission.

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