Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 3rd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Suman shouts and comes out of room. Ranveer asks what happened? Suman tells that someone had thrown stone on her, she is saved, but mirror got broken. She tells that the person was wearing mask. Ranveer seeing Sanjana going from there. Suman asks him not to call Police. Ranveer says he will arrange body guard for her. Suman asks why he is worried? Ranveer says I don’t want to lose you as I got you after facing many hurdles. Suman says nothing will happen to me. Bolna Song plays. He says I am here.

Suman goes to room. He thinks if Sanjana did this then it will be bad for her. He thinks what she will get by harming Suman. Sahil asks Manan to call Ranveer. Sanjana offers to tie his brooch rightly. He refuses and asks Manan to do it.

Manan asks Sanjana to do. Sanjana makes the pin hurt

him intentionally. Ranveer and Suman come there. He asks if she is feeling jealous of Suman. Sanjana says why? Ranveer says you haven’t compliment her like Antara. Sanjana tells him that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Ranveer thinks to expose her if she is guilty. They go altogether. Ranveer says we will fulfill bade papa’s wish. They come to the garden area and see only guests.

Suman says where did everyone go? Ranveer says he will call mom. All family members come there and sing song Chal chal mere yaara, ek vivah. They go towards the stage. Veer accompanies Suman. Bade papa tells that he is happy today and gives speech. He asks them to attend their sons marriage and see ek vivah aisa bhi.

A dancer comes on stage and dances on the song Oh Radha Teri. She takes Ranveer to dance floor. He also dances with her. She lifts ghunghat and he is shocked to see Sonali. A fb is shown, Sonalis scarf falls on his face. He moves scarf and looks at her. Song plays as she takes scarf from his hand. He smiles. Fb ends. Sonali smiles looking at him and continues to dance. Everyone claps for her. Ranveer is still in shock and recalls admiring her in his college. Sonali stops dancing and stares him. He gets down from the stage and goes.

Sonali follows him. She runs to him and is about to hug him. Ranveer asks what you are doing here? He says you are uninvited. Sonali says she has formal invitation for this wedding. Ranveer thinks who can invite her from Parmars family.

Goon asks Sindhoora to pay him money and he will free his son’s life. Later everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: MA

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    Soooo much cute episode.. and now i think sonali is culprit who is doing all this with suman…
    Soo ranveer too have past, but I hope ranveer and suman marry, not ranveer and sonali.


      Why updates are sooo much late almost next day

  2. Summer

    HI Shraddha,

    Each time i see your name and cute profile pic, it reminds me to log in before i comment. 🙂 My question is, who invited Sonali? Who else has a grudge against Suman and wish the union to come to a halt?


      Atleast u can remember with it..

      1. Summer


  3. Sanjana invite sonali
    Because she is jealous of suman
    But my question is when will this marriage happen?When will this 6 days complete?
    I don’t think Ranveer loves Sonali now
    Because he loves suman only
    But Sonali let this marriage happen
    Is sonali loves Ranveer?

    1. Summer

      Hi Ritika,

      Thanks for the insight. Now that makes sense. 🙂

  4. How many people like Ek vivah aisa bhi serial

    1. Summer

      Ditto 🙂

    2. me too

  5. Ranveer dance is great
    But I don’t like sonali
    I think she is a vamp like sindoora for suman
    Is Ranveer confused between suman and Sonali?
    Let’s see what happened next on the show
    Is goon shoot Ranveer?

    1. Summer

      Hi Shalini,

      I think that could be another twist in the storyline. I don’t think the goons will hurt Ranveer, but enough to threat Sindoora to cough up the money. Or perhaps, she will plot another scheme to get out of it and find herself in deeper water?

  6. Kya sindoora sonali ko janti hai?
    Aur aab shaadi ke liye Kitna intzar karna padega
    Itne twist aur turns shaadi se pahle aa gaye to shaadi ke baad pata nahi kya hoga
    wait and watch

    1. happy u commented

  7. hey guys what’s up happy to see u Sharaddha and Summer and many where r u Ammu and Di
    Di one month is going to complete plz.Di come back plz. Di for our love u don’t come to Nandana ff y Di don’t u know we r uncomplete without u miss u very much Di plz. come back
    and Ammu ab phir tum bhoot bn gai jldi aao mujhe pta hai tum busy ho gi phir bhi at least one comment


      I m f9..
      How are u?

  8. I think its sanjana too because antara’s and suman’ life have romance but sahil hates her*

  9. I think its sanjana too because antara’s and suman’ life have romance but sahil hates her*

  10. Sabiha

    I think it’s sanjana too. She is jealous. Hi everyone I am new here?

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