Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 3rd July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Sindhoora tells Dadi that cake is not here then how it will come. Dadi asks what you are saying? Veer says cake is here. They bring the cake. Suman recalls telling Antara that cake is not at its place. Antara tells her that she kept cake in fridge. Bade Papa and Badi Maa cuts the cake and feed each other. Dadi says today is important day for you and asks them to say something. Bade Papa thanks Suhasini for standing with him always. Suhasini also thanks him and says she don’t have her own children, but house kids loved her so much. She says marriage is a test and all husband and wife shall support each other. She says my husband is my strength. Suman thinks what did my husband do? He has separated my son from me, but attacked my soul. He was quiet when Sindhoora accused her of theft. Bade Papa

says he wants her only to be his wife.

Suman thinks to leave the house today. Dadi says someone else deserves appreciation also. Badi Maa says she wants to give gifts to her new bahus. She gives her bangles to Antara and Sanjana and necklace to Suman. Suman recalls Sindhoora accusing her to steal it. Bade Maa says Taya ji wants me to gift this necklace to you. Suman doesn’t want to take, but takes it on her insistence. Antara is happy, while Sanjana is upset.

Sindhoora takes Sanjana to room and tells that Suman made a cake immediately as Antara and you have ruined the cake which was brought. She instigates her against Suman and says Bhabhi ji gifted her necklace to Suman and says everything is going in her control now. She says Dadi might want to give house keys to Suman as she is more responsible. She says I am elder than Nupur, but the latter is having house keys. Sanjana thanks her and says she will have the keys. Kalavati hears them. Suman comes to dadi’s room to get her medicine. Sindhoora comes and asks what she was stealing? Sanjana hears them. Sindhoora says she is afraid thinking what you will steal next.

Suman says I haven’t stolen that necklace. Sindhoora warns her not to steal anything and goes. Sanjana hears her and tells Suman that she will give medicines to Dadi being elder bahu. Suman says ok and gives medicines to her. Sindhoora thinks arrow hit the target and thinks she will see until when Suman stay in the house. Suman goes to kitchen and thinks she shall go from here, as her husband and mum in law hates her. Antara comes and hugs her thanking her.

Kalavati comes and tells Antara that her mistake could have ruined her marriage. She says if Suman haven’t made cake on time then your respect would have been ruined. She scolds her and says mistake is mine, asks her not to do mistake. Suman tries to take her side. Kalavati turns to her and reminds of her promise asking her to take care of Sanjana and Antara. She says you are my bahu before Mittal‘s bahu. She reminds her that she took care of her when Ravi died and let her do MBA etc. She got her married and heard people taunts. She asks did you think about me, and Veer. She says I am burdened with debt and asks her to take care of them. She says if I come to know that you have done mistake then I will not leave you and asks her to promise that she will not leave them. Suman promises her.

Suman tells Ranveer that she will not go as she is married to him now, and this house is hers also. Later she tells Sindhoora that she is bahu of the house and will become dutiful bahu, but will never accept defeat.

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  1. I do not understand, Why should Suman feel indebted to her ex-mother in law??? She didn’t really do anything for Suman herself but for her grandson and daughters. Suman should have told her to go and jump into a well. And Sanjana false eyes are very creepy. This show has too many people against the female lead it is becoming painful to watch. Too much negative would put anyone off getting married.

  2. Yea totally lost interest I. Watching this serial. The director is. Hanging the meaning of the serial…100% true don’t feel like watching

  3. You are right guys . Suman is so dumb because she trust Kalawati blindly.But why Ranveer behave like a evil,I don’t know?Sindoora is so cheap she instigated Sanjana against Suman.But Suman promise her that she become ideal daughter-in-law of the house.Good job Suman.

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