Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 31st May 2017 Written Episode Update

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Contractor takes Suman’s name. Suman says what nonsense? I don’t know him. Contractor says criminal says this only when caught. Sindhoora thinks someone else is behind this mastermind plan. Kalavati asks what is she doing in waiter’s clothes. Sonali says you were dancing inside and asks what you are doing here. Sindhoora says she came to conspire a new plan, but got caught. Ranveer asks why Suman will do this. Suman says she worn these clothes to save Ranveer from Sonali. Sonali says what did I do? Suman asks her to stop acting. Sindhoora says you are oversmart and puts blame on Sonali. She tells that she heard Sonali talking to someone. Sonali says I didn’t call anyone. Suman says I saw you talking to waiter and made Ranveer drunk. Sonali asks her to call waiter. Suman says he is not here.

Ranveer says someone gave him drink. Sahil says he seems to be drunk. Sindhoora says Suman must have given him. Kalavati asks if Ranveer was binded. Suman says Sonali was taking him inside, but I stopped him at right time. Bade Papa asks Sonali why did you come here. Sonali says she saw Ranveer upset.

Ranveer told that he is feeling unwell. She thought to take him inside and make him take rest. She says you are misunderstanding me Suman. Sindhoora asks Suman to stop and says nobody believes you. Veer tells Suman that he trust her. Ranveer says even I trust Suman. He tells Bade Papa why will Suman hire contractor to trouble herself and me, what could be the reason behind it. Dadi says Suman can’t do this. This man is lying. Badi Maa says this man wants to trap you. Sindhoora says your Suman don’t want to marry you. Suman asks who told you this and says I would have refuse for this marriage if I don’t want to marry him. Sindhoora says I can prove this.

Kalavati thinks this is the brahmarastra. Sindhoora says I will show the proofs to all family. They go inside. Ranveer looks at Suman and gives her an assuring look. They watch video in which Suman tells Kalavati that she don’t want to marry Ranveer or any guy, then telling Antara that she hates Ranveer Mittal and don’t want to marry him. Sindhoora says Suman don’t want to marry him and that’s why hired this. Dadi says why Suman would have done this. Sindhoora says she was helpless as Sahil would have refused to marry Sanjana if she refuse to marry Ranveer. Kalavati says she never wanted Suman to marry Ranveer and agreed on Dadi’s request. Sindhoora says if she don’t want to marry then we shall respect her decision. She says we shall agree if Kalavati don’t want her widow bahu to remarry and says we shall make Sahil agree not to make any issue.

Dadi asks Suman to say and asks why is she silent. Suman says whatever I told in video is truth and tells that she agreed to marry Ranveer due to helplessness. She says she thought of him as a spoilt rich guy who wants to marry her. She says but she understood him slowly and realized that he has an unique thinking. She says he has decided to marry a widow and a mum of a boy. She says he has accepted my son too without any complains. She says who will marry such widow in this world, and says who thinks about others and make their pain as his. She says I saw your true love and decided to marry you before the sangeet with my wish and trust. She says that’s why my Maasa is still upset with me till now. She says truth is that I want to marry Ranveer with the same happiness as his, and tells that about the contractor’s saying, she says she will swear on her son.

Ranveer stops her and says I trust you fully. He asks Contractor to tell the truth. Contractor says I got a call on Suman’s name. Ranveer says someone is trapping Suman intentionally and wonders who is he/she. He says I won’t leave that person. Police comes there. Bade Papa asks him to arrest the contractor. Contractor says you have promised to free me if I tell you name. Ranveer says just like you lied to me, I did a fake promise. Sindhoora says why you couldn’t see the truth. Ranveer says I trust Suman and asks how did you get this video. Sindhoora says what is more important is the truth in the video which you couldn’t see. Ranveer says I trust her fully. Sindhoora says you have hurt me much and Suman have to pay for this.

Sindhoora hears Kalavati talking on phone and telling that contractor shall be freed from lock up before Police opens his mouth. Sindhoora hears her and is shocked.

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  1. epi was superb
    all is well when the end is well

  2. Summer and Sharaddha my net pkg. was finished so can’t comment yesterday and can’t reply to u before yesterday and don’t worry nothing happened to me i am as fine as ever but plz. pray for my sister’s husband he is unconcious


      What happened to your sister’s husband.????????

    2. Hi Ooshi,

      I’m sorry to hear of your brother-in-law misfortune. I truly and sincerely hope he will make a speedy recovery and all will be well. Your sister’s strength will fight for him and your love and support will keep your sister fighting spirit up.


    happy to watch new people here keep commenting new ones
    welcome new ones

  4. Episode was great finally Suman told the real truth to Ranveer and told him that she is very much happy as him for their marriage I thought that they will drag but thank god they didn’t can’t wait for Suman love confession and their marriage love sumveer ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. Today episode was great thank god Suman told Ranveer the truth bout her feelings before she knew and after knowing him loved when she said that she is as happy as him for their marriage


    Finally ranveer believes suman…?????
    But plz make marriage happen soon, otherwise 3 (or may b 4) villians will win.. dragging marriage tooo much..?????

    1. Hi Shraddha,
      I’m just waiting for the big day..too much prolonging now and i’m getting bored!
      Hope you are well. 🙂

  7. I don’t think it’s kalawati…….Let’s c who is going to b tat person


      No its kalavati..
      Update is not proper but in precap its shown that sindu see kalavati..


        Infect i think their is 4th villian too, who is helping kalavati, sindu and sonali..

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