Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 31st July 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 31st July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kalavati thinks why did Sindhoora go after Suman and with which planning. She calls Shakti and tells that Sindhoora is planning against Suman and wants to kick her out. She says if Suman leaves, then I have to go with her. She asks him to keep eye on her. Shakti goes. Ranveer and Suman come home. Suman greets Dadi and gives her Prasad. Kalavati asks where is Sindhoora? Ranveer says she is not with us. Sindhoora comes from inside and says she is here. Kalavati thinks if she is icchadhari naagin. Sindhoora thinks Ranveer might be upset with her because of morning incident. Antara and Suman go to kitchen. Dadi jokes.

Sanjana thinks to check with whom Sahil is chatting and thinks to spy on him. She says she will clean the room and tries to read the message. Sanjana falls over him. Sahil scolds

her. Sanjana says Ranveer-Suman, Antara and Manan love each other a lot. Sahil teases her.

Antara tells Suman that Ranveer took her side and fought with Sindhoora. He said that you are his wife and bahu of the house. Antara says she is very happy. Suman thinks why did he support her.

Sindhoora thinks about Ranveer’s words and thinks he is changing day by day. I thought he will realize his mistake by marrying Suman and thinks he is supporting Suman like he used to before marriage. She thinks even though I have failed today, but will continue to try. She thinks to act as good saas infront of Ranveer, else Suman will win.

Ranveer comes to room. Suman tries to speak to him. Ranveer asks if she wants to say anything and asks her to sit. Veer comes there and says I want to sleep with you. Ranveer asks him to sleep on bed and asks Suman to make Veer sleep. Suman thinks I want to ask him why did he take my side, and thinks to find out about his change behavior. Ranveer asks her to sleep.

Nupur teaches Yoga to Kalavati. Sanjana combs Dadi’s hairs. Suman massages Kalavati’s feet. Ranveer says you all are taking advantage of marriage. He asks Suman to make coffee for him. Dadi asks did you bring dress for Suman. Ranveer says no. Sindhoora says she will bring. Ranveer tells Sanjana to tell Suman to bring coffee to room. Kalavati thinks what happened between Sindhoora and Ranveer. Sindhoora comes to Ranveer and tells her that she knows that she did wrong yesterday. She blames kalavati for creating problems and instigating Suman against her. She says I will not give a chance to complaint. Ranveer says it is ok. Sindhoora says I will bring good dress for Suman for honeymoon. Ranveer says ok and goes. Sindhoora thinks she will remember all life. Suman comes and calls her, asks her to take her green tea. Sindhoora thanks her.

Sindhoora brings honeymoon dress for Suman and shows to Ranveer. Ranveer says she don’t wear such dresses. Suman says she will wear for her honeymoon and says times have changed. Kalavati thinks naagin brought the dress. Dadi plays card and wins. Ranveer tells Suman to take the honeymoon dress. Suman asks when did you wear? Ranveer asks her to wear it and show to everyone. Sindhoora says she will see everyone’s expressions. Ranveer thinks Suman will never wear such dress and he will see her expressions. Suman checks the dress and tells Ranveer that she can’t wear such dress. Ranveer reminds her of Project C and asks her to wear it. Suman says ok and goes to wear it. Ranveer thinks she went to wear it.

Kalavati asks Suman to slap the dress on Sindhoora’s face and tells her that Sindhoora bought it and asked Ranveer to make you wear. Sindhoora asks Suman to wear that dress. Suman looks on.

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