Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 2nd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ranveer asks Suman to think if she saw someone there. Suman recalls spotting Sindhoora, but says she haven’t seen anyone. Sindhoora thinks whoever have done this is smart. Bade Papa says someone have locked her in storeroom. They decide to call Police. Suman says no. Akash says we can’t ignore this. Sindhoora says Police will come, investigate for the evidence. Ranveer recalls Sindhoora stopping Bade Papa from filing FIR. He thinks if his doubt is true. Bade Papa says he will talk to Commissioner later on. Badi Bhabhi asks them to come. Ranveer asks did you get scared and asks if she trust him. Suman says she trusts him and was scared of the thought to lose him. Ranveer returns her phone and asks her to call him. Dadi asks Suman where were you? Suman says sorry and tells that she was searching

her phone. Kalavati scolds her. Dadi says its ok. Suman sits for mehendi. Veer says he wants to apply mehendi. Suman says guys don’t apply mehendi. Veer says I didn’t know. Dadi asks Sindhoora to apply mehendi and says I will send pic to everyone. Sindhoora refuses.

Dadi asks Manan to write his name on Antara’s hand. Manan writes his initial on her hand. Dadi asks Ranveer to write his name. Ranveer goes to Suman and writes his name initial on her hand. Bolna song plays. Ranveer tells Dadi that he wants Suman to write her initial on his hand. Suman writes her initial. Ranveer says you have written your name on my destiny.

Veer says if Krish uncle can apply mehendi then why can’t I? Suman says you are good boy. Sanjana asks Sahil to learn from his brother. Sahil asks her to become sweet like Suman. Suman writes S on Veer’s hand as well. Contractor says their Jodi is so good, but some people want to separate them. He asks her if she wants same. Sindhoora asks him to complete the contract and leave. He says he came to take money. Sanjana shows her mehendi to Dadi. Dadi says it is good. Nupur asks Dadi if she will give prize to the bahu who have dark mehendi. Suman shows her hand. Dadi looks tensed and says there is a big problem. She tells Sindhoora that her son is went from her hand as Suman’s mehendi is darker than others. She says Ranveer will love his wife more. Sindhoora says my son will never go from my hands, I won’t let this happen. Kalavati thinks she will get her daughters’ married somehow. Sanjana thinks everyone is happy except me.

Antara gets ready. Suman makes her wear bangles. She asks her to go downstairs and check if Sanjana is ready. Antara goes. Suman wears dupatta and sees someone peeping inside. She comes out of room and calls Antara. She then goes inside and closes the door. She wears bangles. Door opens up. Suman gets shocked. Someone throws stone on the mirror. She moves and shouts seeing mirror breaking. She runs out of room.

Ranveer comes and asks Suman if she saw the guy who attacked her. He comes out and sees Sanjana running from there and thinks if she is behind this attack then he will not spare her.

Update Credit to: MA

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    I am sure its not Sanjana who is doing all this but might be contractor or kalavati (making someone do) who are doing this..

    And mehandi sence was sooo awsome and emotional.. finally best dialogue by suman that she was in fear to lose ranveer..

    1. Summer

      Hi Shraddha,
      I’m in a habit of signing out each time i use pc. When I leave comment, sometimes i forget to log back in. Nice profile pic, cute bear. 🙂


      Thank you.
      How are you??

  2. I think sonali is behind all this

    1. I also think it could be Sonali or Sanjana

  3. Summer

    I’m thinking could Antara be the dark horse? Before she left the room to agree to check on Sanajana, she asked if Suman would be afraid to be in the room on her own? But her character seems sweet, kind and considerate. At first i thought it could be Sanjana, but that might be a too obvious suspect? Or, it could be badi Bhabhi after she over heard conversation? Can’t wait til tonight’s episode to find out. 🙂


      No i don’t think it could be antra, sanjana or badi bhabhi.. but it might be planning of maasa for sure, as during mehandi function she was thinking that i can’t let harm sanju and antra marriage at any cost and was eyeing suman and sindhura

      1. Hi Sharaddha,
        I’m good thanks. Yes, possibly…the story is getting good.

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