Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 29th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 29th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sonali dances in the party on the song bewafa. Dadi asks Suman to go and dance. Suman continues the song. Sonali and Suman dance on the same song. Contract killer comes there and calls Sindhoora. He tells that he is going and asks her to pick the envelope. Sonali tells Suman that it is not easy to make her defeat in dance. Suman says I am not dancing to defeat you. She thinks I know you will do something today. Sindhoora gets the pendrive.

Ranveer tells that we shall do the mimicry of our life partner. Bade Papa asks Ranveer to do Suman’s acting. Ranveer says it is not easy to act like her, but I will try. He acts like her. Manan takes his video and says he will send video to Suman. Ranveer says next turn is yours. Sindhoora opens her laptop and watches video and is shocked. Manan does

Antara’s mimicry. Bade Papa says we will meet after break.

Manan asks what girls might be doing. Ranveer says lets go and check. Sahil says I haven’t seen lovers like you. Manan says you will not understand. Sindhoora says you got a good trump card and thinks door will be closed for Suman. She thinks Ranveer and Suman will separate and opines something is involved who gave this proof to contractor.

Suman and Sonali continue to dance. Sindhoora thinks this is your last performance in the house and says I have a big prize for you. Ranveer sees Suman dancing and imagines dancing with her on the song dream girl. Suman wins. Sonali falls down. She claps and says tonight I will win. Suman thinks you will not win.

Suman tells Dadi that elders shall dance too. Dadi asks Sindhoora and Kalavati to dance together. Sonali goes silently as Sindhoora and Kalavati dance. Suman thinks where did she go? Sonali comes to men bachelor’s party and thinks she will make him drunk and will get closer to him, then everyone will believe that he loves her (Sonali) and think Suman as his stubbornness.

Suman thinks where to search her. Sonali shows money to waiter. Waiter goes to Sonali. Suman goes to room and see laptop on. She goes inside the room to close it and is shocked to see Sonali talking to waiter. She thinks to find out. All the men dance in the party. Waiter mixes wine in the cold drink and goes to Ranveer. Bade papa picks the drink and is about to drink. His phone rings, and keeps glass back. Ranveer drinks that glass. Sonali thinks plan’s start is success and thinks to make Ranveer hers.

Sindhoora gets a call and goes to attend it. She tells Contractor that she is impressed. Contractor tells that he is waiting for her and asks her to meet him. She asks have you gone and says Manan and Chaman know you. Contractor asks her to meet him immediately. She goes to terrace. Contractor comes and says madam. She asks why did you come? He asks did you like the proofs and asks for money 50000 Rs. Sindhoora says ok. Someone sees them. Sindhoora asks him to leave. Kalavati comes infront of her and smiles.

Sonali comes to Ranveer and asks if he is fine. He is drunk and tells that he is fine, but he has a headache. Sonali says you are unwell and asks him to come.

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    suman wins like it
    not like this dragging
    precap is crab and what’s the proof sindhoora had against sumveer
    ab to sudhar jao cv’s

  2. the above comment is from me

  3. Summer,Sharaddha don’t comment for the serial but for me

    1. Hi Ooshi, hope you are well. 🙂

  4. suman wins like it
    hate this dragging what proof sindhoora had against sumveer
    precap is crap
    ab to sudhar jao cv’s

  5. Please don’t drag it..

  6. Di plz. come back

  7. sunprincess49

    in india womem ate raped molested
    i find it sick that in a simple daily show they ruin if by constantly showing women drugging lieing to a man isnt that hypracritical
    why can they not have a normal peace show as it was

  8. Today episode was alright but the only best part was the sumveer Romantic dance on dream girl hope that Suman comes at the right time to save Ranveer from sonali

    1. Same feeling here like you

  9. Hi Everyone,

    I found this episode ‘ok’…ticking along slowly. Still waiting for the big day to happen. What did Sindoora find that she calls her trump card on Suman? I thinking, once Sonali plan to trap Ranveer to marry her fails, Sindoora will pull her trump card out. Meaning, more waiting…i find it is beginning to drag a little now.


      I ooshi and summer..
      How are you both??
      Ya you got it right, updates are so delayed that i don’t feel like commenting.

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