Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 27th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Suman asks Ranveer if he realizes what she feels with his talks. Ranveer says I have given you two choices and asks her to decide. He says he is going to pool side, and asks her to do patni dharm until she is in his house.. Nupur hears them and thinks to inform Dadi. Dadi tells Bade Papa and Badi Maa that she got son and daughter in law like Ram and Sita. Nupur comes there and tells about Ranveer and Suman’s fight. They get tensed. Nupur suggests that they shall go to temple and do puja. Suman brings tea for Ranveer at pool side. He talks to someone on phone about the papers and says it is important.. Just then some of the papers falls down due to wind. Suman tries to get the papers and falls down in the pool. Ranveer gets shocked and jumps in the pool to save her. He takes her out. Suman gets

unconscious. Ranveer asks her to open her eyes and gets worried. He rubs her hands and feet and calls her name. Suman gains consciousness. Ranveer hugs her. Suman also hugs him. He asks why did she jump in the pool.

Suman says your papers were falling in pool. Ranveer says I could make papers again, but if anything had happened to you then from where I would have brought you. Song plays yeh jo adhuri si…Suman says she is fine and asks him why he is worried about her, as he wants her to leave. Ranveer says he don’t want to cancel their honeymoon. Suman thinks he cares for me more than himself. Ranveer and Suman comes inside house. Ranveer tells everyone that Suman fell down in the pool and he saved her. Dadi and others get concerned. She asks them to go to temple and do naag panchami puja. Sanjana and Antara say even they want to go. Dadi says let them go this time, and says who will feed us fruits if you all go.

Sanjana thinks she has to get her place in the house. Suman takes out clothes for Ranveer and reminisces his talks. Ranveer comes there and asks what happened? She asks him to tell what he will wear for puja. Ranveer says he don’t want to go, but couldn’t refuse due to Dadisaa. Suman says may be everything will get fine. Ranveer asks if she was jogan before and says he hopes she is equally excited to go on a honeymoon.

Later Veer comes to Suman and tells him that Sindhoora has beaten him. Ssuman asks Veer what happened? Veer tells her that Sindhoora has beaten him. Kalavati asks Suman to question her new mum in law. Suman goes and asks Sindhoora if she slapped Veer. Sindhoora says yes and asks her to teach discipline to Veer. Suman tells her that he didn’t do this deliberately. Kalavati hears her. Sindhoora closes the door and asks Suman to be on her side. She opens the door and finds Kalavati. Kalavati tells that she is searching her medicines. Sindhoora tells Suman that she shall not do any work of Kalavati. Suman refuses saying that Kalavati is like her mum. Sindhoora asks how dare she to stand infront of her and arguing. Ranveer comes there and asks Suman to go.

Sindhoora says it was good that you showed her place to her. Ranveer says she has high place in this house and in everyone’s hearts. He says she is your son’s wife and asks why do you hate her so much. Sindhoora asks why is he blinded and says she questioned me why did I beat her son. Ranveer asks what you would have done if someone had beaten me.

Maha Sangam Episode. Shekhar hires goons to kill Adarsh and Ragini. Ragini dances on naagin song. Sindhoora. Sindhoora also hires goons. Ragini beats the goon. Ranveer says it seems someone sent goons.

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