Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 26th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Sindhoora tells Suman you are telling me about my son to whom I have given birth. She asks her to go and ask Ranveer. Suman says you don’t want Veer to stay here with me and that’s why you have forced Ranveer to keep that condition. Kalavati hears them. Sindhoora says you are accusing me and says if Ranveer had listened to me then he would have never married you, and you wouldn’t be standing here. Kalavati gets tensed and goes inside the house, and scolds Suman for arguing with her. Suman goes. Kalavati tells Sindhoora that she is upset with Suman. Sindhoora thinks Kalavati is scared that I will kick her out with Suman. Kalavati thinks I won’t give you a chance to kick Suman out.

Sahil comes and asks Sanjana what she is doing. She asks him to pack the bag. Sahil asks if she will

not feel awkward to go alone. Sanjana asks him to come. He asks her to massage his feet. Sanjana agrees. Suman thinks who has forced Ranveer to keep Veer away from him. Ranveer talks to someone on phone. He tells Suman that he will confirm honeymoon date. Suman thinks to go to strengthen their relation. Veer comes there and asks her to teach Maths exam which is on next week. Suman says she will teach him. She asks Ranveer to postpone their honeymoon. She says if he fails in any subject then his academic year will be ruined. Ranveer asks her to teach him till they leave and asks her to start packing, and says they will go for sure.

Manan asks Antara what she would like to take for honeymoon. Antara says hanuman chalisa book which she has lost. Manan says my bahu got perfect bahu, you are like her and says may be you will not get time for puja path. She hugs him.

Veer asks Suman to teach him all subjects. Antara and Sanjana come to kitchen. Suman says how Veer will study if I go. Sanjana says if your honeymoon is cancelled then ours also. She says marriage and honeymoon happens once. Suman thinks if I go then Veer will fail in exam. Sanjana asks what you will tell to everyone.

Manan comes home and shows the dresses which he bought for Antara. Nupur asks Sanjana. Sanjana says now they will go for shopping. Nupur asks Suman about her dress. Suman is silent. Antara says Bhabhi don’t want to go on honeymoon. Dadi asks what happened? Ranveer says she is upset with me and asks her to tell everyone. Suman thinks to tell about Veer’s exam. Ranveer tells everyone that he couldn’t take Suman for shopping and that’s why she is upset with me. Suman tries to say.

Ranveer apologizes to her and says we will go on a shopping tomorrow. Nupur asks her to forgive him. Sindhoora thinks don’t know why Ranveer is mad about her. Kalavati thinks Suman is upset with Ranveer for a dress and that’s why she didn’t attend my son’s barsi. Dadi asks Ranveer to feed her food. Ranveer makes her eat food. A song plays. Suman also makes him have food. Ek tara plays. Sanjana thinks to have food with Sahil’s hand. She comes to room and sees Sahil talking to someone and calling her darling. She gets upset. She asks him to feed her with his hand. Sahil refuses and goes.

Suman brings coffee for Ranveer. Ranveer asks her to keep it on table and asks her to thank him big for saving her infront of everyone. Suman says you didn’t do this for me, but for yourself as you knows that family members must have postponed the date knowing about Veer’s exams. Ranveer says she has responsibility to keep him happy and says you are still living same life which you were living before marriage. Suman says you and Veer completes me. Ranveer tells her that if she cancels or postpone the wedding then he will not stay with her. He asks her to pick Veer and her bags and leave. He walks out of room. Nupur hears them.

Nupur tells Dadi that she heard Ranveer and Suman fighting. Bade Papa says what is going on between them.

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