Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 24th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 24th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The scene starts in flashback. Ranveer gets Sonali’s phone and thinks to go toher house and return her phone. Abhishek calls on her phone. Ranveer picks it and says Sonali’s phone is with me, if you talk to her then inform her. Next day Sonali comes to Ranveer angrily and says your oversmartness worked. She says you picked Abhishek’s call on my mobile and Ranveer thought that I am with you. He broke up with me. Ranveer says there is a misunderstanding and I will talk to him. Sonali asks him to stop it and calls him a big loser. She says guys like you give shoulder to girls so that they can hold their waist. She says I don’t love you, and will never love you. Ranveer gets teary eyes. Sonali takes her phone and leaves. He wipes his tears. Fb ends.

He says I have realized then that

Sonali used me and made me feel like a loser. He says that day I had decided to end Sonali’s chapter for forever. He says I had decided not to see her face till my death. He says when she came infront of me on sangeet day, I was shocked. He says he used to hate the word love. He says you came in my life and you made me realize true love and I didn’t come to know when I have fallen in love with you. He says you are my life…Everyone hears him and smiles happily. He says Sonali called me near the pool side and badmouthed about you, asked me not to marry you.

Suman gets emotional and says Ranveer. She keeps her head on his head. Ek tara song plays. Suman apologizes for thinking him wrong. Ranveer says I am sure now that you will kill the girl if she hugs me. She says you said Sonali called you, but why did you message and called me there. Ranveer says I know you are unwell, why I will call you. Suman says that message came from your no. and is still saved.

Ranveer says someone is misleading us, and says Sanjana. Suman says Sanjana can’t do this. Ranveer says but Sonali can’t stay here. Bade Papa comes and asks what everyone is doing here. Everyone makes excuses. Suman and Ranveer smiles. They leave. Suman laughs. Ranveer says atleast you smiled. He asks her to forget everything as a bad dream as nobody can come in between them, says he will kick Sonali out.

Sonali tells Sanjana that she wants to talk to her. Kalavati asks her to be away from her. Sonali says I want to apologize to her. Kalavati says you have framed her. Ranveer comes and asks her to leave, says you can’t stay here even for a min. Sindhoora asks what is this, where is your etiquettes. Dadi asks Sindhoora not to interfere. Ranveer says I will bring your stuff first. Sindhoora asks why you all are supporting him and says this girl is apologizing. Kalavati thinks she is again doing drama.

Ranveer brings her stuff and asks her to leave. Sonali says you are insulting me. Ranveer says sorry. He says it is for everyone’s betterment including you. He holds her hand and takes her outside while she tries to stop him. Suman comes and says Sonali will not go anywhere. Ranveer stops and is shocked.

Suman says Sonali will not go. Ranveer asks do you know what you are saying? Suman says she knows and asks him to respect her decision. Sonali says I think I shall go from here. Suman asks her to stay till marriage happens. Dadi, badi and nupur wonder why Suman is stopping her. Sonali thinks she has invited the trouble and thinks she will be bahu and Suman will be outsider.

Sindhoora thinks Ranveer ignored her and agreed for Suman’s sayings. Kalavati thinks Sindhoora’s son is dancing on my bahu’s tune and smiles. Sindhoora asks Sonali to come and take her to room. Kalavati thinks to find out why Sindhoora is favoring Sonali. Sindhoora thinks what Suman wants, and thinks if she is smart or playing mind games. She says we will have betterment and asks Sonali to trap Ranveer first and become her bahu. Sonali asks her not to worry and says Ranveer said that I was his first and last love. I will make him realize his feelings. Kalavati records their conversations. Sindhoora thinks she will save Ranveer first from Suman and then deal with Sonali.

Suman hears Sonali talking to the caller and saying that she knows that she is not Sanjana and tells that she will make Ranveer hers in today’s party. Suman is shocked. Kalavati warns Sindhoora.

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    Finally after long time… timely update..
    Thank u team..

    Awwwww ?????moment wala episode..
    And best line – Ranveer says I am sure now that you will kill the girl if she hugs me and suman smile?????????

  2. today episode was amazing loved that the misunderstanding finally got cleared between sumveer best part of the episode was when the head of the family came to see that they were doing something and then everyone making excuses to why they came on the terrace loved how nupur said that she came to see if the clothes were dry or not loved how happy they all were best conversation was when Ranveer was like you will kill another girl if u see her hugging me again and how Suman made that pouty face love them they awesome Sumveer <3 <3 wedding episode cannot wait

  3. Nice episode and preview looks quite interesting. Seems like niharika is back & playing games to take revenge. Let’s see how long they are going to drag these 6 days

  4. Hi Everyone,

    Loved how everyone was hiding behind the wall eavesdropping on Ranveer and Suman, then when they all get a lecture for not helping to prepare for guest, each made an excuse. So so funny and so good to have to light humour. 🙂

  5. OK Drama , nothing new in this.

  6. epi was nice
    happy to see u all specially Summer,Ammu,Sharaddha
    missing u a lot Di


      Hi ooshi and summer.
      How r u??
      I m f9

      1. Hi Shraddha & Ooshi,

        I’m good thanks. Good to hear you are well. 🙂 I’m waiting impatiently for the wedding to happen. 🙂

    2. Hi Ooshi, Happy Birthday! 🙂


      Belated happy birthday ooshi

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