Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 24th February 2017 Written Episode Update

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Suman asks Veer whom he is talking to. Veer says Krish uncle who saved him today. Suman takes phone to thank Ranveer, but phone disconnects. In the morning, Ranveer jumps into swimming pool with his cousins. They ask what is happening in college if he found a hot girl. He says yes, she is so hot that she comes to college wearing pallu and is typical behanji. Irony is professor ordered him to prepare presentation with behanji. Sahil says even his life is at a task as parlor girl is pestering him. Another cousin says she is not that bad and her sister is very cute. Sahil taunts him. Ranveer leaves saying he has to prepare presentation.

Ranveer reaches college and chats with his friends that he needs to convince behanji for presentation and know her ideas, their ideas may be poles

apart. He goes to Suman and asks if she has any problem making presentation with him. She says no. He says even he does not and sits next to her. He keeps his hand on her hand by mistake. She fumes and takes her hand out. Professor comes and says they must be busy in presentation, today they have a guest lecture and should inform their family that they will come late. Suman calls home and Antara picks call. She tell Antara to tell maasa that she has a guest lecture and to pick Veer from school. Antara asks not to worry.

Bade papa fumes seeing cigarette in lawn and shouts that he found it. Nupur says Sahil and Manan cannot puff cig as she guards them. Sindhoora thinks Nupur is busy in her superstitions, how will she guard anyone. Bade papa blames Akash and says he does not like nonveg, cigarette and alcohol in his house, if Akash has to, then he has to find a new house. Sindhoora fumes and asks Akash why did he accept blame which he did not do. Akash asks her to calm down.

After college, Suman walks on road searching for transport. Ranveer stops his car and insists to drop her home. She says no. He says Indore is 10 km away and she will not get any transport. Suman resists. Ranveer says it is better to trust known enemy than unknown friend. She resists. He forces her to get into college.

Kalavathi eagerly waits for Suman and yells on Suman. Antara asks to calm down, bhabi will come soon, she must be stuck somewhere. Kalavathi thinks what if Suman is doing something bad behind her.

Ranveer while driving car asks Suman to come and sit in front seat. She says she knows his kind of boys, he held her hand. He says what.. even if she is last woman on earth, he would no look at her…Their argument continues.

Akash takes Sindoor to room and asks what she has to say now. Sindhoora says they came here from Delhi to start a new life. Though he is working for elder brother, that does not mean they have to bear insult. She cannot tolerate insult. Akash asks to calm down, elder brother will feel bad if he hears this. Sindhoora continues yelling she is worried about their dignity. Akash says do hell with dignity, when he was broke after business loss, elder brother supported him and when elder brother scolded him in anger, he does not mind.

Kalavathi continues waiting for Suman. Ranveer drops her. She says thank you. He says he does not her thank you and leaves. Kalavathi notices it and shouts at Suman who was that boy. Suman says he classmate. Kalavathi says if people see her with a boy, they will badmouth that a widow is enjoying with boys, for her she is her son Ravi’s widow. Suman says she had special class in college and did not get transportation after classes. She tried to call her, but her phone was busy. She did not want to come with Ranveer, but he insisted, so she sat in backseat. Kalavathi says she will come to pick her if she gets late. Suman thinks she hurt devi like maasa because of Ranveer. She tries to stay away form him, but he comes back again.

Precap: Ranveer checks Suman’s presentation file, finds Sanju’s love letter and mistakes it as Suman’s. He says he does not want to do presentation with dual-faced woman like her. Suman asks what did she do.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. sanju’s love letter will create more misunderstandings between the both already they had not less number of misunderstandings so add one more don’t know how will the future turned first time they spend time with each other although with fighting y didn’t ranveer recognise that it’s veer’s house

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