Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update

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Suman sees Ranveer standing on the terrace railing and runs to stop him. She asks him to get down. Ranveer says you have stopped listening to me. Suman says we will talk and asks him to come down. Ranveer steps down the railing hearing Suman giving him promise. He asks how did you think that I will use you and take your advantage. She says you are my life and I can’t think anything wrong about you. Suman says she heard him talking to Sonali and hugging each other. She says what I would have thought, and says you didn’t tell me about her. Ranveer tells her that they used to study in the same college and he fell in love at first sight.. He says I used to like her, but never had courage to tell her. Suman looks on. Ranveer says one day when I was returning my home, I saw Sonali crying sitting on

the bench.

Fb is shown, He asks are you crying? Sonali says no, doing make up. He says I thought to ask you seeing you crying. He asks what happened? Sonali says I have a breakfast, he ditched me. Ranveer says that person might not deserve you, and says if I was on his place, I wouldn’t have ditched you. Sonali asks who are you? Ranveer says we study in the same college and asks if she haven’t notice him. Sonali says no. I didn’t see you before. They introduce each other and become friends. Fb ends.

Manan, Antara, Akash and Sahil are hearing them. Ranveer says I couldn’t understand then Sonali got good friend or just a shoulder to lean on. He tells that his love was one sided. He says she used to talk about her ex boyfriend and cry. I wished she love me. He says one day he thought Sonali loves him. Fb is shown, Sonali comes to him and says she missed him. Fb ends. He says he thought to confess love to her after farewell party.

Fb begins. He practices to propose her. Sonali comes there and calls his name. Teri jhuki nazar plays..She asks why did you call me here. Ranveer says I want to tell you something and asks her to close her eyes. He proposes her love with a rose and says I love you. Sonali is shocked and is about to take the rose, but she gets her boyfriend’s call and gets happy, and says she was lonely when he went and says I love you and miss you. She hugs Ranveer and says Abhishek called him. Sonali says she is going to meet him. Ranveer asks what about me and says I also love you. Sonali says you were just a friend to me.

Ranveer says not friend, but a shoulder to cry. Sonali says you are just friend. He asks why he signed him that she loves him. Sonali says she has to go as Abhishek is waiting for him. Ranveer asks her to listen and says don’t leave me. Sonali apologizes and says I have never felt love for you. Ranveer says you are my first and last love. Sonali says this doesn’t mean anything to her and says if I had known about your feelings, then I would have never come in your life. Ranveer says ok and asks her to go and be happy with Abhishek. Sonali goes. Ranveer is heart broken and cries. Fb ends.

Ranveer tells everything to Suman. Sindhoora comes to Sonali and says I am impressed. She says I want smart girl like you for my son and not behenji type like Suman. She says my son is emotional and can give life for family, but I want a practical wife for my son who asks for her rights. She says I have understood that you loves him and asks her to kick Suman out of his life. She says if you double cross him then I can become dangerous too. Sonali says I love Ranveer very much and can’t think of betraying them. Sindhoora asks who invited you here. Sonali says Sanjana. Sindhoora is shocked and smiles.

Ranveer tells that someone misused my phone to misguide you. Suman says she can’t be Sanjana. Ranveer says ok and says whoever have called Sonali here, but she can’t stay here anymore. He asks Sonali to pick her stuff and leave.

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  1. nice! Sonali and Abhishek! using the leads original names for another couple in the story

  2. today episode was great cause Ranveer told the whole truth to Suman and sumveer misunderstanding got cleared thank god that the makers did drag it like most of the other makers of other shows but i am still shocked that why did they use the original name of the actors who play Suman and Ranveer respectively like ranveers ex girlfriend name sonali and sonali ex boyfriend name abhishek very weird in fact but still happy that Sumveer are back together again and the wedding will happen


    Thnks for update..
    And finally suman knows truth of ranveer and sonali.. but why marriage is taking such long tym.. for allowing plotting of kalavati, sindhora and sonali.
    And i saw promo that sonali will be exposed by suman..

  4. Nice episled every thing was cleared for suman.

  5. der aae drust aae

  6. Di it’s 25 tomorrow plz. come Di miss u need u plz. come back

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