Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 22nd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sanjana tells what is happening here, first Nupur brought chappal and now what she will bring. Antara sasys Manan told me to get habitual to these things. Nupur brings knife. Manan says it is risky. Nupur says didn’t I know this and asks girls to keep knife with her to keep off evil eye. Sanjana and Antara thank her. She asks her to give knife to Suman. Sindhoora says she doesn’t believe on it. Ranveer comes with Sonali and asks Sanjana to come with him. Sanjana says we can talk here. Ranveer asks her to come. Sanjana says ok and goes with them. In room, Ranveer asks Sanjana what she wants to do. Sanjana says what did I do? Ranveer asks her to tell clearly. Sanjana says I can’t understand. He asks why did you invite Sonali here. Sanjana says I don’t know her, why would I invite her.


makes Suman understand against the marriage. Antara comes and informs Suman that Ranveer is very angry and locked the room with Sanjana and Sonali. She asks why you are crying. Suman goes. Sonali says you don’t know me. Sanjana says no. Ranveer asks why did you hug her then.

Sanjana says she thought they are friends and hugged her to show her sweetness, but that doesn’t mean that I know her. Ranveer asks why did you call her and told that I am ruining my life by marrying Suman. Sanjana says she is innocent. Sonali puts blame on Sanjana. Sanjana says I don’t know you and says I don’t have her number, asks Ranveer to check her phone. Sonali asks her why she is lying and says you called and told your name as Sanjana. Sanjana says any girl can do that and asks why you are framing me. What I will get to break Bhabhi and Ranveer’s marriage. Suman knocks on the door asking Ranveer to open the door. Ranveer opens the door. Suman asks what is happening.

Sanjana tells suman that Ranveer is accusing her and told that I called Sonali here to break your marriage. She says you know well that how much I loves you and asks Suman to tell him. Suman recalls Sanjana asking her about Sonali. Suman recalls seeing Ranveer and Sonali together. She asks Sanjana to keep quiet and says I trust you fully. She tells Ranveer that he accused Sanjana wrongly. Ranveer says Sonali told me that Sanjana called her. Sindhoora hears them. Suman says you are lying and not Sanjana. She says Sanjana don’t know Sonali and says you knows her. Ranveer is shocked. He says I…

Suman says yes, Sonali was your lover and wants to marry you. She says it is sure that you might have called her here. Sindhoora smiles. Ranveer asks why I will call her here. Suman says to take revenge on her. She says I was wrong and thought you wants to marry me genuinely, but you used me as a puppet to convince her for marriage. She says today Sonali is ready to marry you. You have won from Sonali. Ranveer asks Suman to listen to him. She comes out and sees everyone hearing them. Sindoor smiles and signs Suman. Dadi makes a sad face. Suman goes.

Sonali tries to provoke Ranveer against Suman and says she don’t care for you. Ranveer calls Suman. Kalavati says enough. Sindhoora asks Ranveer to let her go and says when she don’t trust you, it is useless to talk to her. Ranveer thinks to expose Sanjana and goes. Manan follows him. Sonali acts as sad and hugs Sindhoora. Sindhoora thinks she got her puppet. Sonali thinks this is just a trailer. Dadi tells that someone bad eye fall on them. Sonali thinks to do something to convince everyone and says I think I shouldn’t have come here. Sindhoora thinks she is more clever than my thoughts. Sonali apologizes to them and says she don’t want to create misunderstanding between suman and ranveer.

Dadi tells Badi Maa that it is enough now and says it is our responsibility to make the marriage happen smoothly. Nupur says Sindhoor’s thinking have become corrupt. Dadi says we have to make Sonali go.

Sahil asks Ranveer to ask Sonali to leave. Ranveer says I have to talk to Suman first and tells that Sanjana called Sonali here.

At Kalavati’s house, Sanjana cries and tells that she can’t think of her family wrongly and says don’t know why did Ranveer insult her again and again. Suman hugs her and cries. Sanjana says why I want to break your relation with Ranveer. Suman says you are more than a sister to me and says if Ranveer thinks wrong then it is his problem. Akash comes and says he has an idea which never fails. Antara says you are thinking Ranveer wrong. Kalavati asks what do you mean and says Suman saw Ranveer hugging Sonali. Antara gets a call and asks Suman to come with her. They go to Ranveer’s house. Suman asks why did you bring me here. Antara informs her that Manan called and informed her that Ranveer wants to jump off the terrace and commit suicide. Suman is shocked.

Ranveer is standing on the terrace. Suman is shocked and shouts Ranveer.

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  1. oh no!
    ranveer to commit suicide…
    it must not be true…

    1. don’t worry he is doing this so that suman feel for her and trust her


    I don’t feel like commenting on tooo late update..
    All our thoughts are wasted in late updates.

  3. hate it
    hoping something good from precap
    first time sahil said the right thing
    when will ranveer doubt sonali

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