Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 21st July 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 21st July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Suman thinks how to wear bright saree today and how I will go infront of Maasa. Kalavati asks Suman to light the diya infront of his pic. Veer asks why we are doing puja as I have my new Papa. Kalavati says he is your Papa. Sanjana and Antara remember Ravi and cries. Kalavati asks them to sit for puja. Suman tells Kalavati that Sindhoora gave her some work and she will do that and come. Kalavati scolds Suman and asks her to sit. Sindhoora calls her and asks her to come with her. Kalavati tells Sindhoora that Suman have work here. Sindhoora says Suman have to come with me as she has an important work to do. Kalavati asks Suman to tell what is more important. Sindhoora says now you are my bahu and knows which responsibility comes first for you. Suman tells Kalavati that she will come and goes. Sindhoora

smirks. She asks her to change her saree. Suman says today….Sindhoora says she don’t want to know and asks her to change. Suman changes her saree.

In the kitchen, Chamam Kaka tells Suman that he will help her, but Sindhoora takes her. Suman comes to puja. Kalavati scolds her for wearing colorful saree and attending barsi. She asks her to get out. Suman goes to her room and changes saree to simple one. Her hand gets burnt as she tries to do work faster. Sindhoora comes back and asks Suman to bring breakfast. She scolds her for wearing light color saree.

Suman brings breakfast for Sindhoora’s friends. One of her friend calls her servant. Sindhoora tells her friends that she is lower middle class and have same attitude. She asks her to say hello. Suman says Namaste. Everyone laughs. Suman says I could have said hello/hi, but….our values teaches us this. Sindhoora insults Suman a lot. She goes to kitchen and cries, thinks Suman wants to break her strength. She makes puris. Antara asks her to give rice for puja. Chaman kaka comes and says bhabhi asked to bring custard.

Antara comes and says Maasa is calling you. Suman says I will come. Sindhoora’s friend praises her. Suman serves custard to them. Sindhoora makes it fall intentionally on her friend’s clothes and scolds Suman. She then asks her to clean. Suman cleans the dress. Sindhoora says she has spoiled my mood. Kalavati scolds Suman for bringing food late. Sindhoora asks Suman to come and make arrangements for lunch. Kalavati asks Sindhoora to tie Suman with her Pallu and says she is something to me too. Sindhoora says ofcourse, but today she is taking care of her new saas. Suman goes to kitchen.

Ranveer calls Suman and he says that he is waiting for her outside the shopping mall. Suman says she is at home. Ranveer says you have once again failed in project C. Suman cries and thinks she could never let anyone happy. Chaman Kaka offers help. Suman says she will make food for Sindhoora’s friends and also for poor people on barsi. Later Suman hears Sindhoora telling her friend that she has a sleeping pills which is tried and tested.

Suman asks Chaman Kaka if he wants to tell her something and assure that his job will not go. Chaman kaka is about to tell her something.

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  1. It is getting interesting now , I like Suman character hope she gets support from Ranveer also .

  2. this serial is go off-air shortly.

  3. I loved SumVeer’s chemistry but what happened after wedding… he need to explain her that he’s possessive abt her especially with all those attaches… he’s scared of losing her… pyar se samjhay na k gusay se… she needs to reflect on her behavior too n realise married couples need… she was married once n lived early Wedding days… Ravi must’ve wanted her all for himself. She can make her son understand that he’s big boy and needs to sleep in his own room while she give some love n pempering to her husband… commom sense!
    Please bring back their romance and understanding.

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