Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 20th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 20th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ranveer asks Suman what is this? Suman tells Veer that she didn’t ask him to use these papers. Veer says you asked me to use the papers kept on table. Ranveer says he is a kid, I asked you to keep the file safely. Sindhoora asks what are these papers? Ranveer says it is Dad’s Delhi business account details. Sindhoora asks how can you give important responsibility to Suman and says she is very careless. Ranveer says it is ok, I have data and will make file again. He says it is ok, as Suman have much work now a days and had forgotten.

In the night, Sindhoora hears Kalavati screaming and saying she fell down. She comes to her room and laughs seeing her on floor. It is her dream. Kalavati asks what you are seeing and says my back would have been broken. She thinks what Sindhoora might

be wishing for her. Veer comes there. Kalavati says your Dadi fell down because of toy. Sindhoora says what is kid’s mistake. Kalavati says your Sindhu Dadi loves you a lot. Sindhu says she is his aunty and tells Kalavati that Veer is your grand son and not mine. Suman brings milk for them. Kalavati asks if she remembers what is tomorrow. Suman says yes. Kalavati asks her to do the arrangements. Veer tells Suman that he wants to sleep with her. Kalavati says she gets afraid alone and asks him to sleep with her. Veer agrees. Suman goes to her room.

Ranveer is watching their marriage video and asks Suman to come and says he will show her something. He shows their reverse rounds and says Veer has opened our ghatbandhan. He says we are freed now. Suman says I didn’t know that you will repent after marriage. Ranveer says you haven’t put in any efforts since marriage. Suman says she is trying to do all her duties as wife. Ranveer says we shall go on a shopping. Suman says she can’t go tomorrow. Veer comes and asks can I sleep here? Ranveer asks him to go and sleep, says bed and mum both are yours.

Kalavati cries and thinks God have done injustice with her. Suman brings green tea for Sindhoora. She asks about all elders in the house. Sindhoora says they went to see Nupur’s mum. Sindhoora thinks where she is taking puja stuff. Suman goes to Kalavati’s room. Kalavati tells him her that she told Ravi not to go near the water, but he didn’t listen and never returned. She asks her to clean her pic and make arrangements for puja and wake up antara and sanjana. Sindhoora hears her and thinks she won’t let the chance go to trouble them both. Ranveer sees Suman and asks her to smile sometimes.

Sanjana wears modern outfit. Sahil says Daku Sultana is looking s…y and tells that if I have seen your avatar then I would have kept you closer to me. He asks if she is expecting this. He says these clothes don’t suit you. Suman comes there and asks Sanjana to come, as today is Ravi’s barsi. Sindhoora tells Ranveer that her friends asked her to have kitty party. She sees Suman and gives her all responsibilities. Suman says but. Ranveer says I have to do the work and then have to go on shopping too. Sindhoora asks him to take her. Ranveer says I will leave. Sindhoora asks Suman to wrap kitchen work and go with Ravi. She asks her to do the work. Ranveer says I will meet you outside mall. Suman tries to tell her. Sindhoora says she will not listen to her. Suman thinks what to do.

Sindhoora makes something fall on her friend by Suman and asks her to clean it. She then tells her friend that she has a good sleeping pills. Her friend asks if she tried on someone. Sindhoora looks at Suman.

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