Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 19th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 19th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Media comes to take interview of Bade Papa. Bade Papa tells that she relatives fired in excitement. Other asks if anyone of the house don’t like her. Ranveer says every one likes her. Inspector tells that he will give security Akash refuses. Ranveer says we shall drop this idea. Inspector goes. Sindhoora says thank god bhai sahib handled it well. Sanjana tells everyone that she wouldn’t have married Sahil if any hurdles came. Antara says Bhabhi didn’t go to him, but he brought the proposal. Sanjana says atleast Sahil is fair about his actions, and tells that since Sonali came, Ranveer is enjoying with both. She asks Suman if she is not jealous of Sonali.

Suman says no. She gets Ranveer’s message from his mobile and goes to meet him at pool side. Sanjana and Antara also go to meet

their to be husband. Ranveer comes to Pool and asks Sonali why did she call him. Sonali hugs him and says she is ready to marry him, and says she knows that he is marrying Suman to make her jealous. Suman comes there and is shocked.

Ranveer tries to push her, but she sticks to him. He asks what nonsense? Sonali says I really love you Ranveer. Suman is shocked. Sahil, Manan and Sanjana, Antara are standing in line. Nupur takes out black eye from their head using her chappal. She throws the chappal. Sindhoora comes. Suman comes inside and is sad. Ranveer asks what is love for you and says you tried to make me feel loser and asks how did you care for me suddenly.

Sonali says you have the right to get angry and says I am changed now and knows what is the value of true love. She says you wants a girl who can support you in ups and downs and keep his family united. She asks why you are marrying Suman to take revenge on me. Ranveer says he loves Suman and will marry her. Sonali shouts that she knows the truth that Sindhoora and Kalavati haven’t accepted this marriage, and tells that she got a call. Ranveer asks whose call. Sonali says I can’t tell you. Ranveer asks what do you know and who called you here? Sonali ssays whoever have called her here and tells that her name is Sanjana. Ranveer is shocked.

Suman cries and doubts on Ranveer’s love. Jiya Na jalaiyo…..plays. Kalavati comes. Sonali says Sanjana sent me card and then called and said that you are destroying your life. She says Suman is not the right girl and says she is shocked to see him marrying a single mum. Ranveer says I thought you are modern. Ranveer asks her to tell again if Sanjana called her. Sonali says yes. He holds her hand and takes her inside. Dadi and Badi Maa hears them and is shocked. Kalavati sees Suman crying and asks why you are crying, tell me fast.

Suman says Ranveer…Sonali. Kalavati asks what happened to them. Suman says I heard them hugging each other. She says Sonali was telling him that she wants to marry him, and tells everything. Kalavati tells Suman that this is not new and tells that Ranveer took this decision with stubbornness, and says you have taken this decision. She says I am Lalita pawar for you and not Nirupa Roy. She says Ranveer has beautiful and bachelor girl.

Sanjana tells Suman that Ranveer is blaming her again. Suman tells Ranveer that he used her and tells that he has won.

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  1. Boring episode. It was all about taunting, blaming and wasn’t anything new. This serial was meant to be women empowerment so why are they changing it into typical daily soaps

  2. the episode was okay but how can Suman doubt on Ranveer for him forsaking her for that stupid and seflish sonali just hope that the misunderstanding gets cleared between Sumveer do not want to the face of sonali cause she is becoming annoying and annoying and the precap cannot believe that Suman believed Sanjana and did not believe Ranveer at all hope that everything gets fine next week cannot wait for sumveer wedding to happen

  3. cvs don’t spoil the serial
    hosh k nakhun lo

  4. i dont like to watch this serial, it became a daily soap, suman has to prove her self with her study and getting job on talent but directore is showing as only common saas bahu plotting and disputes between wife n husband, and alss triangle love story, it is very boring, plz try to make it as interseting to watch.

    Hi ooshi dear how are you.

  5. Please updates day’s episode.thanks


    Where is 22th may update??
    Why team dealy on &tv update?? ?????????????????

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