Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 18th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 18th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kalavati wishes Ravi would have been alive. Suman says she is with her like Raavi. Kalavati blesses her fakely and thinks you couldn’t become my bahu and thinking to be son, and gets upset. Antara asks Suman to come. Manan tells Ranveer that Antara suggested holy places. Ranveer tells that Suman has a good knowledge, but she didn’t suggest any name. Manan asks Antara to tell. Ranveer says we will go whereever Suman wants and says she likes London. Veer comes and asks Suman if she is going somewhere and tells that even he wants to come. Antara says kids don’t go there. Veer asks Suman not to go then. Suman looks on. Ranveer is upset. Veer tells Suman that he is hungry and asks her to come with him. Suman goes. Ranveer comes to Suman and asks her to get ready for honeymoon shopping. Suman says


Sanjana sings song and asks Sahil where they will go for honeymoon. Sahil dances with her and tells that he is thinking how to refuse to go to honeymoon. Sindhoora comes to Kalavati and scolds her for fooling her. She says it was my mistake to trust you. She imagines hitting Kalavati with vase. Kalavati says Sindhu. Sindhoora says she is thinking why her plans are flopped and thinking why that girl is not going from there, and says you would have given her promise. Kalavati tells that she refused to come, but dadi took her forcibly. Sindhoora says ok and goes.

Suman comes to Ranveer and asks him to come for shopping. Ranneer asks her to see time. Ranveer says your son is not allowing you to go. Suman asks if our relation is suitable for honeymoon, and says you have been taunting me. Ranveer says you can’t break your son’s heart. Suman asks why you is accusing my son. Ranveer says you can become a mother, but never be my wife. Rain starts, Ranveer recalls Suman getting drenched in water and calls her name. He goes out of room. Kabhi jo badal barse plays….Suman goes out and gets drenched with him. He sits on bench. Suman holds his hand and makes him touch her face. Ranveer is about to go, but Suman goes to him and dances with him. He is about to go, she hugs him being scared of cloud sound. Ranveer kisses on her forehead. He is about to kiss her. It turns to be Suman’s imagination. She asks what does he wants, and why he is behaving indifferently. Ranveer says he needs his wife and asks if she could become his wife. She sits on the bed. Song plays….He tries to hold her hand, but just then Veer comes and calls Suman. He says he is not getting sleep and asks if he can sleep here. Ranveer is upset.

Kalavati and Sindhoora orders Suman to give them tea and juice. Ranveer asks Suman if she wants to fail in Project C and says honeymoon and husband come in project C.

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