Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 17th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 17th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Suman tells Sanjana that they shall go and see Kalavati. Manan says I will come with you. Sindhoora calls kalavati and asks if she is really unwell. Kalavati says it is her acting and asks her to tell Dadi that she has become alone etc etc. Sindhoora tells Dadi that Kalavati is alone and anything can happen to her. We have to think about her. Dadi says she is right, Kalavati is our samdhan and we shall think.

Kalavati eats the apple. She hears Shakti informing her that Mittal family is coming here. Kalavati asks him to bring bedsheet and covers her. They think she is dead and cries. Kalavati says I am not dead. She says you have come. She asks Suman not to come and handle her house. Dadi says she is right, you shall not come.

Sindhoora thinks her hard work is paid. She sees Kalavati

coming there. Dadi tells she needs to talk to everyone. She tells that Suman have done so much for us, and says now she will not go to her old sasural, Kalavati and Veer will stay here in our house. Sindhoora asks how she can stay here. Dadi says if she don’t want to come, but I brought her forcefully. Brijesh says Kalavati ji can stay here now. Dadi asks Suman to take her to room. Kalavati starts dancing on the song dola re dola…..

Nupur also dances and asks why you are dancing. Kalavati says her wish is fulfilled. Fb ends. Kalavati tells Sindhoora that she wouldn’t have come to her daughters’ sasural, but Dadi said something which she couldn’t refuse. Fb, Dadi convinces her and tells that you have given Suman to us and with that right, you can stay here. Fb ends. Kalavati says if Sindhu has problem then I will leave. Nupur says Sindhu is much worried for her.

Shakti comes there. Kalavati tells him that he can’t stay here and asks him to understand her helplessness. Shakti cries and says there is nobody for him in the city. Kalavati thinks he is a big dramebaaz and gives him keys. She asks him to keep her house clean. He thanks her and goes.

Kalavati asks Suman to switch on AC and feels the cold air. Suman switches on AC. Kalavati gives her son’s pic and asks her to hang Ravi’s pic and light diya also. She sees Ravi’s pic and thinks even now her relation with Ranveer is incomplete.

Ranveer tells that they will go wherever Suman says. Veer says he will also come with them. Antara says kids don’t go there. Veer asks Ssuman not to go. Sindhoora accuses Kalavati for fooling her and is about to hit her.

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  1. Im guessing people have stopped watching this dumb ass serial…. When this show first started I was hoping it would be different from other shows but I was wrong. I didnt understand why Suman still puts up with her dead husbands mother who only thought of her daughters whom she never thought any manners while she only found faults in Suman. Ranveer is being slow, Sindoora makes me gringe thinking that shes threat to anyone.. Sanjana is not getting love or respect from the guy she was dying to marry, Antara is sweet but she needs to stop being selfish and tell the truth to Dadi lmaooo I know its down to the writers to carry on showing nonsense.
    Sanjana’s husband has gambling addiction and will soon sell the only gifts on her wedding day loool…. I hope they stop this drama or even end it with got note without all the dragging.

  2. * taught

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