Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 17th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 17th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ranveer enters class and over phone speaks to his family. Each family member speaks. He sits next to Suman busy on phone. Finally, family gives phone to Sindhoora. Sindhoora thinks they gave her phone last and even Akash ignored her. Ranveer then realizes he is sitting next to Suman. Suman yells he is so arrogant and not know where to sit. Their argument starts. Ranveer’s old class mate Niharika and Dev enter. Ranveer hugs them and says thank god, he met them, else he would be feeling bored with arrogant people.

Kalavathi shouts to bring tablet. She calls Antara to get medicine and then asks Sanju. Sanju says Suman should have kept tablet nearby. Kalavathi yells not to blame Suman and get her BP tablet. Her drama continues. Neighbors call her out. She goes out and says

her BP is rising and she cannot give donation. Neighbor says they are opening swimming in locality and now even their children will participate in Olympics. Kalavathi brings 2 buckets of water and says they need water for swimming and not money. Neighbors yell that they knew she is very cunning and walk out. Sanju says if she had given donation, her name plate would have been fixed and they would have got good alliances. Kalavathi asks how will she get money. Sanju says they will take them to Sindhoora and garner praises.

Suman in her class room gets engrasped in thoughts that she forgot something. Teacher takes attendance and calls Suman’s name. Suman is busy thinking. Everyone look at her and her neighbor shakes her. Suman replies. He asks to introduce herself. She tells about herself in broken English, then realizes that she forgot to give Kalavathi’s medicine and says teacher she needs to go. He asks how can she in the middle of lecture. She says she is requesting. Teacher permits and she leaves. Dev comments that poor girl could not talk due to nervousness. Ranveer says she cannot talk, but can fight loudly. Dev says she is typical behanji. Ranveer says let us get back to studies.

Kalavathi continues her acting at home that she is having severe headache due to high BP and when will Suman return. Suman enters and shows her medicine. Kalavathi asks why did she come so early. Suman says she forgot to give her new medicine bottle. Kalavathi says she should be in college from 9 to 3 and if she cannot do that, she should get her name canceled from college, she ruined her dream, etc. Suman starts crying.

At night, Suman feels guilty that maasa sent her to college with great hopes, but she shattered her hopes. Veer comes and gives her water and asks to cheer up Suman says her college is good, but students are weird, different from her. Veer says even he felt same when he went to school for the first time and she suggested to make friends, even she should make friends.

Sanju checks her mobile and shouts. Antara asks what happened. Sanju says Sahil Mitttal rejected her friend’s request seeing her dark DP and insists Antara to click her pics. Her drama continues.

Suman works in parlor and home till 12 midhnight and sleeps. She wakes up at 4 a.m., cooks, does household chores and gets ready for college. Antara asks Kalavathi to have breakfast as bhabhi prepared aloo paranthas today. Kalavathi says she wants to have sooji halaa with lots of ghee and dry fruits. Suman goes to prepare halwa. Kalavathi yells if she went to market to get sooji, she is taking such a long time. Suman brings halwa and says she added ghee and lots of dry fruits, promises her she will not get out of college in the middle and says she will leavenow as she has to take 2 buses and walk for 20 min. Kalavathi says why did not she inform her beforehand, she would not have asked halwa. Suman leaves. Kalavathi yells Suman should have awaken 15 min early.

Suman class late. Teacher asks why did she come late. She says she missed her bus. Teacher lets herin. Ranveeer enters next and silently walks in. Teacher stops him and scolds not to come late. He says made 15 teams and since Suman and Ranveer came late, only they are left and they should make a presentation to sell product. They both agree but angrily look at each other. Ek vivah aisa bhi……plays in the background.

Precap: Teacher asks Suman and Ranveer to tell their team’s product name. Suman stands tensed.

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    Kalavati is tooooo much … in promos she looked quite nice even in first episode but now she want to suman to earn earn…

  2. Kalavathi doing over over action, being a women and widow, how she could torture with suman, she knows every thing about women feelings and respects, suman has much concern about her husbands family but they are not except antara. i hope ranveer will keep her happy in further after knowing her past.

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