Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bade Papa asks where is Ranveer. Dadi says he came and says lets begin the rasam. She asks Sahil to sit for haldi rasam first and says no Dadi must have seen three grand son marrying altogether. They apply haldi to Sahil. Sanjana asks Antara to see the haldi rasam of Sahil and Manan. Nupur apologizes to Sahil for not selecting girl of his choice. He thinks he can’t accept Sanjana. Sindhoora also applies haldi. Dadi asks Bade Maa to keep haldi for sanjana. Dadi is about to call Manan. Manan sits for the rituals. Antara says we shall see. Dadi blesses them. Nupur applies haldi to him. Sindoora comes then and applies haldi. Suman comes and asks are you ready? They leave. Ranveer sits for haldi. Suman sees him.

Dadi says I am getting you married, and is sure that Suman will take care of you.

She asks him to love Suman. Ranveer says I will love her more, and tells that he is scared of her and that’s why can’t take chance. Dadi asks him to be quiet and scolds him. Ranveer says not fair. Dadi says obviously and says she is going to enjoy life with her bahus. Veer comes and asks if you have seeing his haldi. He says he will tell everyone. Suman stops him and smiles.

Badi maa says don’t know if you will remember me after marriage. Ranveer teases her. Sindhoora gets emotional and says you will not be dependent on me anymore and Suman will take my place. Ranveer says don’t worry and says you are equally important to me as Suman. Sindhoora thinks I wouldn’t have felt bad if he compared me with Niharika. Nupur blesses him. Dadi asks Sindhoora to add some more haldi in the bowl and apply to Suman. Sindhoora says ok.

Sanjana, Antara and Suman come for haldi rasam. Ranveer sees Sonali coming out of bathroom. She lies that she used to bathroom. He says you would have called me. She asks him why is he making issue and says she will go. Ranveer thinks if anyone sees her in bath rope then will misunderstand. He checks and says chacha is coming. Sonali says she don’t want to miss haldi rasam. Kalavati performs the ritual and applies haldi to Sanjana. Sanjana asks her not to get emotional and make her cry. Kalavati jokes that she don’t have strength to spoil her make up. Others also apply haldi to her. Sindhoora applies haldi to her and bless her. Ranveer opens the door and make Sonali go. Manan sees her going and asks Ranveer. Antara applies haldi to her face. They laugh. Ranveer tries to clarify him. Manan looks on.

Kalavati refuses to apply haldi to Suman. Dadi asks Sindhoora to apply haldi to her. Sonali comes and applies haldi on her face. Everyone is shocked.

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  1. I dunno why but i seriously hate this sanjana and of course this sonali

    1. happy u commented keep it up

  2. epi was nice except sonali scenes

  3. Di,Sharaddha,Summer,Ammu and others?


      Hi ooshi.
      I don’t feel like commenting on itna late update.
      Iss se better to team update hi na kre. Jb tk update krte hai next episode telecast ho jaata h


        How are u ooshi and summer

      2. fine what about u

    2. Summer

      Hi Ooshi and Shraddha,
      I’m good thanks. 🙂 I finding the current track a bit slow, still waiting for the big day to happen. The Sonali track i find disturbing. She had a video recorder recording in Ranveer’s room and i’m thinking why? Does she have no self-respect? I’m thinking is Sonali going to use this footage to black mail Ranveer into marrying her? But precap and previous promotion has showed us that Ranveer and Suman does eventually tie the knot.

  4. precap is just crab hate this sonali a lot

  5. Hate this sonali a lot.Why she tried to snatched Ranveer from Suman?Why she cannot Understand Ranveer loves only Suman?I know all her plans fail.Why Suman stop her from leaving the Mittal house?I think Sonali and Sindoora joins hand to separate Suman and Ranveer.

  6. guys i could be vanish any day as net pkg. will finish soon when i don’t know so telling u in advance surely come next month will miss u all very very very… much as it’s my birthday on 25 may either i will be here that day or not but will miss u all a lot that day because my every happiness belongs to u all take care
    Di and Ammu miss u come back soon
    having fast today and it was just killing

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