Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 16th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 16th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sindhoora tells Kalavathi that she is speaking Kalavathi is surprised and scolds Sanju why did she dial STD. She asks Sindhoora how is Delhi’s climate. Sindhoora says she is in Indore. Kalavathi asks when did she come to Indore. Sindhoora says a few days ago and disconnects call saying she is busy and will speak to her later. Kalavathi laughs that Sidhoora is always busy. Sanju gets happy that her would be MIL is maasa’s best friend, now maasa will help her get her superhero.

Kalavathi munches sweets in kitchen and hides box seeing Suman coming with Veer. She pampers Veer and says she is very happy that Suman got an admission. She tells Suman that she is thinking of employing a lady to help in beauty parolor, but she is asking huge wages. Suman says even she is thinking

of hiring someone as she cannot handle work and studies together. Once she walks in, Kalavathi muches sweets with Veer.

Ranveer reaches home fuming and shows crimpled DD to bade papa and tells everything happened because of that girl/Suman who threw his form in dirty water, now he his one year is waste. Daadi asks not to worry, bade papa will handle everything and asks bade papa to call corporator. Bade papa asks Ranveer not to worry about admission.

Suman fixes time table on wall and tells Kalavathi that she has given distributed work between her, Antara and Sanju. They all will have dinner together. Kalavathi asks why did not she enter her name. Suman says she does not want her to work.

Ranveer fumes in his room reminiscing his fight with Suman. Sindhoora enters and says she he cannot hide his problems with his mother. A few days ago, they had everything, but because of his father, they lost everything and his father forced him to get admission in Indore’s college. Ranveer says it is his decision and papa did not force him.

In the morning, Suman prepares breakfast and gets ready for college. She informs Kalavathi that she prepared food.

Sindhoor comes home from workout and tells her husband Akash that she needs to talk. He says he does not want to. She asks when are they going to Delhi. He says they will stay in Indore permanently and she can go and brainwash Ranveer against him. She says she just went to talk to him about his admission. Bade papa comes and asks what are they discussing about. Akash says Ranveer’s admission. Bade papa says he sent Ranveer to pay fees. Akash thanks him. Bade papa says he should thank Sindoora instead who stood with him in his troubling times and never complained. He tells Sindhoora that they should start a new life here and she can take keys from Nupur for whatever she wants, let us go and have breakfast now. Sindhoora fumes now she has to beg her devrani for everything.

Kalavathi sees Antara working and praises her. Antara drops bucket and apologizes. Kalvathi scolds. Sanju comes and asks Suman to bring breakfast. Suman brings breakfast and says she has to get up at 4 from tomorrow to finish household work. Sanju asks how will she wake up so early. Kalavathis scolds her that woman has many invisible hands and can do multitasking. Suman serves breakfast. Sanju says she did not add salt. Suman brings salt. Kalavathi asks to bring tea. Suman brings tea. Veer comes and asks milk. Suman brings milk next. Kalavathi then shouts she bit chilli. Suman runs to bring water. Antara feels disgusted seeing Kalavathi’s drama and gets her water. Kalavathi asks what is bhabi doing. Antara helps Suman in kitchen. Suman gets ready for college and ask Antara to tae care of kitchen. Suman takes Kalavathi’s blessings. Kalavathi asks why did not she have food. Suman says she is already late. Kalavathi asks to have something on the way. Antara gives lunch box to Suman and greets bye..

Suman reaches class and all studies think her as teacher and wish good morning madam. She embarrassedly walks and sits on bench. Everyone laugh on her. Ranveer enters talking over to bade papa over phone and says he paid fees and entered class for his firts lecture. He sits next to Suman without noticing her.

Precap: Suman scolds Ranveer for touching her unknowingly. Ranveer says because of one mistake, he would have wasted one year. Suman reaches home early. Kalavathi scolds her to cancel her admission and sit at home.

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    I think either kalavati is tooooooo greedy or typical MIL who want DIL to work all tym in house and study as well as earn money too and daughters tooooooo eat and get married in wealthy family…
    In starting I liked character of kalavati but toooo my surprise sindoora is better as she think of her son atleast.. but kalavati only think of money

    1. Right i agree with you, selfish mother-inlaw, poor suman i pity you.

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