Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 15th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 15th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ranveer asks Sonali what the hell are you doing here. Sonali says don’t you remember what happened between us last night. She says everything. Ranveer asks her to stop the nonsense and says he knows that nothing happened. Suman brings tea for Dadi. Dadi says her day will be rocking today. Suman gives her tea. Dadi asks her to wake up Ranveer. Dadi asks her to wake him up. Suman says I will go and wake him up and goes. Ranveer asks what happened? Sonali laughs and says it was a joke. Ranveer asks what you are doing here in my room. She says she was going to yoga, when saw him and thought to wish him morning, but as he was sleeping. She rests on the bed and got sleep. Suman knocks on the door and thinks he is still sleepy. Sonali apologizes to Ranveer and says I will hide. Ranveer asks her to stay

there itself. Sonali asks do you want to tell Suman about us. Ranveer says yes, and says she shall learn to trust me. Sonali asks are you mad and says girls are possessive about their to be husband.

Ranveer is sure that Suman trusts him. He opens the door. Suman says good morning. He looks back, but don’t see Sonali on bed. He thinks she hide, and if Suman sees her then she will misunderstand him. Suman says I know you are worried about yesterday’s incident. Ranveer says yes. Sonali is about to sneeze. Ranveer also sneezes. Suman says whoever is the attacker, he just want to scare me and don’t want to kill me. Ranveer asks her not to get scared and says I am with you. Suman says I will not get scared. Ranveer says that’s like my girl.

Suman tells Ranveer that Dadi sent her to wake him up. Ranveer says she is romantic. Suman tells about telband rasam. Ranveer asks what is it? Suman says haldi rasam is telband rasam in marwadi. She asks him to get ready and have tea. He drops her till door and closes the door. Sonali says I would have suffocated. Ranveer asks why did you hide? He says I didn’t hide anything from her. Sonali says you should have thanked me. Ranveer asks her to get out from his room and her. Sonali tells him bye before leaving. Bade Papa asks Kalavati if she has any problem here.

Kalavati says she can’t have any problem in his palace like home, but feeling bad as they are staying here. Badi Maa says you are our family. Kalavati says she will not tell again. Badi maa asks if everything is fine between Sindhoora and you. Kalavati thinks if Sindhoora told them. Bade Papa tells that Suhasini heard them argument. Kalavati is about to say. Sindhoora says she used to fight with Kalavati even in childhood and in a moment, she would convince her. Kalavati says they fight more than sisters. Badi Maa says she got tensed thinking they are upset. Kalavati says we are one since childhood. She hugs Sindhoora. Sindhoora says she will not forgive her. Kalavati asks her to keep her forgiveness on her shoes. Chaman calls them.

Sonali sees Suman coming and gets an idea. She tells Ranveer that she lost her favorite earring and asks if he found it in his room. Ranveer says I didn’t see. She sees Suman hearing them. Ranveer tries to clarify. Sonali tells that she went to his room in the morning. Suman hears her and says you don’t know me, but he knows me. She says I won’t think wrong if any of his friend go to his room. Sonali says that’s why he is mad about you. She tells that she didn’t have shower. Ranveer says you are hurt. Sonali says she is stinking and goes to take bath. Suman asks Ranveer to come. Sonali smirks thinking you will trust on seeing and says Ranveer is mine.

Dadi tells Ranveer that she is getting him marry Suman and asks him to love her always. Ranveer says no Dadi. Someone mixes some powder in Suman’s mehendi.

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