Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 15th May 2017 Episodic Analysis

Episode starr with ranveer ask sonali about sleeping on his side. Sonali says we did like husband and wife.
Suman serve tea to dadi and she praises her and ask to wake ranveer. Suman goes.
Sonali laughs and say i was just joking. Suman knock door and both get tense. Ranveer ask sonali not to hide and i shall say truth to suman. He open door but sonali hides behind cupboard. She was about to sneez but ranveer cover up.
Suman says that i know you are tensed about attacks. But one thing is clear that attacker do not want to kill me. She adds that now i shall face him with courage. Ranveer praises her. Suman says that now i did what dadi asked and ask him to get ready for telbandh. Ranver ask dadi asked, she is so romantic. But what is telbandh?? Suman says its haldi in marwari. And she goes.
Ranver scolds sonali for hiding and he had to lie. Sonali acts as if she helped him. He asked tl stay far from me and she goes smiling.

Babe papa ask kalavati about stay. She says they are fine but feel sad that we are staying and troubling you. Badi maa says we are relative now. Kalavati says sorry. Bade papa ask if everything is fine b/w her and sindhura. Fb is shown where badi maa saw them fighting. Sindhu comes and say it was just frind’s fight and they hug each other.

Sonali sees suman coming and delibratly hides her earing asking to ranveer if he saw. And acts as if she said something which suman should not hear. Sonali gives clarification about going for walk and thought to say good morning to ranveer but he was in washroom and i left.
Suman says to sonali that you don’t know me but ranveer knows. I am not that type of girl who doubts on friends. And ask her to come in haldi.
Sonali says she shall come after taking shower and goes. Suman praises her and ranveer ask her to go and get ready. Sonali thinks you shall believe me soon.

1. Dadi apply haldi to ranveer and ask him to love suman like this. Ranveer say no dadi.
2. Suman, antra and sanju hide and see.
3. Dadi ask sindhu to add haldi and apply to suman.
4. Someone(may be sonali) add something in suman haldi.

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