Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 14th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kalavati promises Sindhoora that very soon Suman will be with her. Sindhoora says I hope so. Kalavati asks her to take care of herself and goes. Sindhoora feels Kalavati is hiding something. Veer tells Kalavati that he wants to stay with her. Kalavati thinks she will stay in Mittal Nivas soon with Suman and Veer. Bade Papa informs the newly married couples that they know about the problems between them and says they have planned to send them for honeymoon. Manan gets happy, while Ranveer acts to get excited and asks about the destination. Bade papa asks them to think. Suman looks on.

Kalavati and Veer comes back home. They see a man standing and sleeping on their door. Kalavati asks who is he? Man tells her that he is her old neighbor’s son Shakti. Shakti greets Veer. Kalavati asks him

to go. He says he will stay with her here.

Ranveer tells Suman that they will go to London. Suman is doubtful about his changed behavior. Ranveer tells Suman that he is so excited and tells about the places there and asks her to get ready as they will be going for shopping. Ranveer tells that honeymoon clothes are different and asks her to get ready. Suman thinks how can she leave Kalavati and Veer, and thinks she is not happy to go, and thinks how to refuse him. Shakti asks Kalavati about her daughters and bahu. Kalavati asks they got married. Shakti says he is feeling hungry and tells many dishes name which he wants to eat. Kalavati asks him to go to kitchen and make. He says he will buy food from outside and asks money.

Kalavati says my son is dead and says she has no money. He says he will make dal chawal. Antara and Manan plan to go on a honeymoon. Sanjana asks Sahil to think about family’s happiness and come on a honeymoon with her. Shakti makes the food and have it along with veer. Kalavati acts and falls down on sofa. Veer asks what happened. Shakti says he will call Doctor. She says no and asks him to go to Mittal Sadan and inform Sanjana infront of everyone that her BP shot up.

Suman comes down after getting ready for shopping. Nupur prays to God. Manan says we will leave for shopping now. Shakti comes there and says this is Palace. He tells Sindhoora and tells that your mum’s BP has increased. Sindhoora says her mum is dead. He calls her Sanjana. Sanjana asks what happened? Shakti says Kalavati BP is 200 and she is about to die.

Sindhoora asks Kalavati if she is unwell or acting. Kalavati asks her to tell Dadi that she needs someone round the clock. Sanjana, Antara and others come home and see cloth on Kalavati face. They cry.

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  1. I don’t understand why Ranveer is mistreating his wife.And I don’t understand the dragging of the series. Can’t all this India serials do something else, must they copy each other. Who is the writer and direction of this series. Why is sindoor , sanjana and kalawati getting away with their sins.
    At 1st I was enjoying the drama now it’s going put of scrip. Make it interesting that people will enjoy and rate high.

    Why would a child be separated from his mother, while would a ex mother inlaw be planning evil with present motherlaw to separate marriage
    I don’t get it. I’m just not supporting some scene at all. It’s getting boring.

  2. True Sarah . Absolutely horrible storyline. …Zero TRP …NO ONE ID WATCHING THIS STUPID SERIAL

  3. booo…ring and most important RIDICULOUS

  4. this pri will be always ur’s Di where ever u r

  5. Where is 17th July 2017 written update?

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