Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 14th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Pandit ji tells Suman that this tree God will call you here one day. Ranveer asks Sahil to send the pic, but there is no network. Pandit ji says there is no network here. Ranveer sees Suman and goes. Sindhoora thinks she can do anything to keep Suman go far from Ranveer and says Suman Parmar, your destiny is decided by Sindhoora Mittal. She sends pic to killer.

In the temple, Manan tells Antara that this is the Kuldevi temple. Ranveer says I don’t remember. All the girls take Pooja tokri for puja. Sahil pays money for the tokri and gives rest for her chocolates. Sanjana says lets go inside. Sahil is annoyed. Manan introduces themselves to Pandit ji. Pandit ji blesses them. He takes Prasad tokri and asks them to be careful while handling coconut. Some kids come there playing and pushes

Suman. Coconut falls from her hand, Ranveer catches the coconut at right time. Pandit ji praises Ranveer and says he will support you always. Ek Vivah Aisa bhi plays. He asks them to take Goddess blessing. Suman asks Goddess why do she bring new relation in her life and asks her to make Ranveer realize his mistake. Ranveer says I don’t need anything now. Sahil says lets go.

Pandit feels strange while blessing Suman and asks them to go carefully. He asks Ranveer not to leave Suman for a moment. Ranveer says never.

Kalavati says she will give him milk. Veer shows the drawing and asks can I call Papa to Ranveer after marriage. Kalavati gets angry and says you have just one Papa Ravi. She apologizes to him and says you calls Papa to my son also.

Sanjana tells that place is peaceful and they shall stay there for some time. Sahil says if we forget the way then there is no network or GPS. Sanjana asks him not to be scared. Suman says he is saying right. Ranveer says we shall go home. Dadi prays for them. Nupur brings water and gives to her. Dadi asks them to take her in open air. Sindhoora comes. Nupur says we would have come to you. Sindhoora says she is feeling better now. Contract killer calls Sindhoora. Sindhoora asks him to do the work and don’t harm her son. Contract Killer asks her to make payment and asks her to send the payment. Sindhoora says yes, and says my son shall not get even a scratch else you will not get money. She ends the call and lies to Dadi.

Sanjana thinks Sahil is taking them back. Antara and Manan sleeps on back seat. Sanjana tries to rest on his shoulder, he pushes her.

Ranveer and Suman are in other car. He plays the song. Suman changes the song and puts bhajan. Ranveer says it is my favorite. Suman asks what happened to you. Ranveer says I thought you as egoistic girl, but later I realized that you loves and cares everyone. He says if I don’t see your face, then don’t know how I will spend the day. Suman sees speedy truck a nd tells him. He hits the car and asks Suman to get out from car, says it can catch fire. Suman tells that her foot is paining. Contract Killer shows Suman’s pic to other and asks him not to harm the guy. Suman asks Ranveer where was his attention. Ranveer thinks he was looking at her. She sees smoke coming out and informs him. He says his car is injured. They check their phones and search for network. Ranveer goes to check the network. Suman sees her infront of holy tree and thinks if tree god wants to tell me anything.

Ranveer makes Suman sit on the cart. Cart slips and is about to fall down. Suman shouts his name.

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  1. which song was it? please, someone help,

    1. Name of the song u want to knw

      1. thanks for replying, the song that was playing, before Suman changed it to bhajan

    2. It was janam janam from dilwale

      1. Thanks a lot fiza i knew i heard this song from somewhere but it was a long time ago so couldn’t remember which song and film it was.

    3. happy u commented keep commenting

  2. Please anyone tell me from which site I will get upcoming twist of ek vivah serial

  3. The song was janam janam from dilwale

    1. Assalam o Alaikum keep commenting

  4. Sharadha, Summer, Di guys where r u sorry for being absent but our net pkg. was finished For you all COME BACK SOON WAITING FOR YOU ALL
    Feeling very happy that I am back

    1. Hi Ooshi,

      How did your exams go? Hope it went well 🙂

      Looking forward to the next episode to see what happens. I can see Suman naturally and gradually falling for Ranveer, i think they make a nice couple. Veer is just so cute! Sanjana, i can see trouble brewing, her jealousy will eat her up and be a cause to her own unhappiness.

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