Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 13th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Sahil asks Sanjana to come with him. She goes. Kalavati comes there with Veer and hugs Suman. Veer tells her that he might fail in the exam. Suman says sorry. Sindhoora thinks Kalavati came at the right time and thinks now she will blackmail Suman and take her back. Sanjana asks Sahil why did he call her. Sahil shows Dadi’s medicine. Sanjana recalls searching Dadi’s medicines and then hiding in their room thinking she will throw later. Sahil says I got it, where you had hidden. Sindhoora says you came at the right time, and says Suman forgot to give medicine to Dadi, didn’t reply to her husband’s call and slept without cooking food.

Sanjana tells Sahil that she forgot where did she keep and that’s why lied being afraid. She apologizes. Sahil says because of you, Suman is blamed

and says he will tell everyone. Sanjana stops him.

Sindhoora asks Kalavati to take Suman back. Kalavati asks what you are saying and says this is Suman’s house and family. She apologizes to everyone on Suman’s behalf. She asks Suman not to take their responsibilities and says she can’t bear if her family breaks because of her. She coughs. She tells Suman that this is her house and Sindhoora is her Maasa now. She acts as she is getting unwell and collapses. Everyone run to her.

Sindhoora thinks why Kalavati is acting. Suman and others attend her. Dadi asks Kalavati to show her to Doctor. Kalavati says no need and asks them to look after Veer if anything happens to her. She says now my daughters are married, I can’t stay here. Badi Maa asks her to stay till she gets fine. Kalavati thinks stop me to stay with you forever. Sindhoora thinks why kalavati is ruining the game. Kalavati asks Veer to come. Veer says he don’t want to go and calls Suman and Ranveer. Suman cries.

Sahil makes Sanjana do 100 situps and says he will think about tomorrow’s punishment. Suman thinks how could she sleep and cries. Kalavati comes out of house and asks Sindhoora how dare she to betray her. Suman is crying. Ranveer is not bothered seeing her crying and calls someone. Suman takes out the saree from cupboard. Ranveer asks her to give file. Suman takes the file and finds sleeping pills on table. She doubts Ranveer and thinks he made me sleep. She asks what is this? Ranveer says he don’t take tablets to sleep.

Suman says you gave me medicine to make me sleep. Sindhoora asks Kalavati why did she do this and says she created the situation by much difficulty. She says she added sleeping pills in Suman’s tea. A fb is shown. Sindhoora added pills and then asks her to drink it, then she kept bottle in her room so that Suman doubts Ranveer. Suman doubts Ranveer and says you kept Tai ji’s necklace in my bag. Ranveer asks am I fool to give you pills and keep it on the table.

Kalavati asks Sindhoora to think about her daughters and says she is not selfish to ruin her daughters’ happiness. Ranveer asks Suman to stop blaming him and says I don’t want to talk to you. He says I forgot to laugh since we got married. You always fight with me taking Veer’s name and says we are going far from each other, what is the use of such marriage. Badi maa hears them. Suman doubts on Ranveer still and thinks he has crossed all limits to take revenge from her.

Ranveer tells Suman where they will go for honeymoon. Kalavati thinks she will stay in Mittal Nivas with Veer and Suman, and thinks sindhoora get ready to welcome me.

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