Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 11th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 11th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sanjana thinks if Sahil went somewhere in the night and thinks to search him. He comes back to his bed from the washroom and sleeps. Sanjana searches for him and thinks he went to terrace. She sees decoration on terrace and thinks she didn’t know that he is so romantic and thinks to forgive him. She comes and hugs him, says I love you. Ranveer turns and says bhabhi you. Sanjana apologizes and asks them to carry on. Suman laughs. Bolna song plays. He looks at her. Suman asks what happened? Ranveer says your saree became beautiful after you had worn. Suman thinks he is joking. Ranveer says I am more embarrased and asks her to smile. Suman says I don’t remember when did I laugh last. Ek Vivah song plays. He bends down on his knees and gives his hand. Rab ne bani do plays. He asks her to dance with

him. They dance with each other. Ranveer asks her to say what she needs as a marriage gift. Suman says she wants to know his thoughts and wants to know about him etc.

Ranveer tells that he feels her heart beat only and will show her how his heart is connected with hers. She sees Sumveer written with flowers and is touched. Ranveer says I don’t want to erase the past memories, but just wants to make small space in your life. Suman gets emotional and hugs him. She tells that Old Suman will be jealous of new Suman. She thanks him for coming in her life. He thanks her for making him part of her life and takes a selfie.

Suman sees Champagne bottle on table and says you didn’t tell me that you drink wine. Ranveer says this is not wine, but apple juice and says nobody drink in our family and gives her glass. She thanks him for making her feel special. Ranveer says he wants their happiness. Suman says I am very happy. Ranveer asks what she wants to have? Suman says she is hungry. He says I will bring food. He serves biryani. Suman says it is tasty and asks did you really cook this? Ranveer says he cooked Chaman ji’s help and can die for her. Suman asks him not to talk about death. They hear noise and ask who is there? Ranveer says I will check and gets up. He sees Sonali. Sonali hugs him tightly and says I was running as I thought someone is here? Ranveer asks what you are doing here? She tells that she came to get some fresh air and asks if he is thinking about their combo. Ranveer says for Suman and me and asks her to go. Sonali says she will go after sometime. Ranveer tells that he is on his first dinner date with Suman. Sonali says she will go and tells that she hopes it will be memorable. He comes to Suman and sees her tied. He asks who did this? Suman cries hugging him.

Ranveer asks Sanjana why did you attack Suman? Sanjana says why I will do such thing. Suman says she is like my sister and can’t think to do this.

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  1. Please complete the update soon.

  2. Boring epsiode


    Episode was soooo romantice.. though update about their romace is every less and short. But seeing episode was sooo cute..
    And ranveer open your eyes you are doubting on your mother, sanjana but also doubt on sonali ..

  4. Hi friends you agree with me please comment.
    I am sure Sonali attack on Suman by herself or by taking the help of somebody else .But where Sanjana find mask which attacker wear . when Ranveer will find out who attacked Suman many time.
    I don’t think masked person is Sanjana,it’s Sonali or somebody else.
    I little like yesterday episode.
    And When will this marriage happen.They dragging marriage track from 1 half month.I think marriage not complete in May.I am sure it complete in june.Why they give title to the show Ek vivah aisa bhi because marriage not happened yet .The show complete 3 and half month. Why they bring Ranveer ex-girlfriend before the marriage .There are many villains for Sumveer in the show.

    1. Hi rikita. My name deepika, i agree with you ji! I think sanjana is too weak and loves her bhabhi sah. I think sonali is doing it all. My friend simranjeet tinks dis also. I write complaint to atv. They waste time with these boring episodes. They hurry it up pleaz or i no watch. I wish i could find hubby like ranveer. He number ek ji. Namaste. Phir milenge. Chalte chalte

  5. epi was soo romantic but end was sad when will they merry make them merry soon

  6. Diii…

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